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Department of Punjabi

The Department of Punjabi was culled out of Department of Modern Indian Languages (now known as Department of M.I.L.& Literary Studies) in 1985, with a faculty that has included, world renowned scholars like Prof. Harbhajan Singh, Prof. Attar Singh, Prof. Tarlok Singh Kanwar, Prof. Atamjit Singh, Prof.S S Noor. The department prides itself for having produced some of the finest alumni who have gone on to become reputed academicians in various universities in India and Abroad.

With a remarkable legacy of being the nerve centre for Delhi School of Punjabi Criticism, the department has kept up with the changing times by hosting national and international conferences and seminars, memorial lectures, Diaspora series annually. The platform provided by the department for live wire interactions among thinkers, writers and teachers on one hand, and between the intellectuals and the students on the other hand, has ensured that the department remains at the centre of Punjabi literature and culture’s dynamic transformation through the decades.

The Department of Punjabi has also ensured to keep its dialogue with the college teachers by ensuring regular workshops, promoting Co-operative and Guest teaching under the faculty improvement scheme and by taking keen interest in promoting Punjabi language at the Under-graduate level. The department offers admissions to Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., Certificate and Diploma Courses in Punjabi.

The Department’s faculty has been honoured with some of the highest civilian honours/Awards such as Padma Shri for Prof. Attar Singh, Kabir and Saraswati Samman for Prof. Harbhajan Singh, Sahitya Akademi Award for Prof S.S. Noor, Majlis-e-Bulleh Shah International Award from Pakistan for Prof. Kuljit Shellie, (former Dean, Faculty of Arts) and Antar Rashtri Sahitkar/Kalakar Award (2002) from International Association of Punjabi Authors and Artists Inc. Canada and Modern Literary Scholar Award (2002) by Punjabi Academy, Wolverhampton, U.K. for Dr. Manjit Singh. Almost all the present faculty members (mentioned separately) have been honoured with other local and state level Awards for their contributions to Punjabi Literature.

Currently, the Department is flourishing under Prof. Rawail Singh’s (Professor) Headship.


: Prof. Rawail Singh




Department of Punjabi,

University of Delhi,

Arts Faculty Extension Building,

Delhi-110 007


: 27666621


: 27666621


Prof. Rawail Singh, Professor
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Prof. MANJIT SINGH, Professor
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Dr. Jaspal Kaur, Associate Professor
T.I.C NCWEB of PG Centre
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Dr. KULVIR GOJRA, Associate Professor
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Dr. Ravinder Kumar alias Dr. Ravi Ravinder, Associate Professor
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Dr. Rajni Bala, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Nachhattar Singh, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Yadwinder Singh, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Baljinder Singh , Assistant Professor
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Courses Offered

Ph.D. Model Test Paper

M.A. Punjabi


Category-I : Direct Admission i.e. without entrance Test

Category-II : Admission through Entrance Test


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Time -Tables (Academic Session 2014-2015)



M.A. (Semester I-1)

M.A. (Semester II-1)

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