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Tagline Drafting Competition for the Centenary Celebration



The University of Delhi is planning to commence its yearlong centenary celebration with effect from 01.05.2022. To mark this commemorative event, the University has decided to encourage all the interested existing students on the rolls of the University and its colleges including Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) and School of Open Learning (SOL) to participate in a competition for conceptualization and creation of a “Centenary Tagline”, which is expected to be an original creation of the students befitting to the dignity of this historic occasion.

All the eligible students of the University and its colleges are encouraged to participate in this one of a kind “Centenary Tagline” drafting competition and conceptualize a Tagline which will be used for all purposes and occasions in course of the centenary celebration. The creator of the selected “Centenary Tagline” will be appropriately acknowledged by the University.

The University solicits maximum participation from the existing students for this competition to showcase their creative best for this event. Click here for the guidelines and other mandatory details for participation in this Tagline Drafting competition. The interested students may click on the link provided above and participate in the competition upto 23.01.2022 as per the prescribed guidelines accordingly.

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022
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