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Entrepreneurship and Small business


Dr. Anand Saxena
Department of Commerce
Deen Dyal Upadhyaya College
University of Delhi

Dr. Jyotsna Sethi
Department of Commerce
Jesus & Mary College
University of Delhi
Lesson 00 Syllabus
Lesson 00 Index
Lesson 01 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
Lesson 02 Small Business
Lesson 03 Entrepreneurial Competencies, Motivation...
Lesson 04 Opportunity Scouting and Idea Generation
Lesson 05 Feasibility Analysis, Project ...
Lesson 06 Managerial Roles in Small Business
Lesson 07 Plant Location and Layout
Lesson 08 Producation Planning and control
Lesson 09 Quality and Productivity
Lesson 10 Alternative Growth Strategies
Lesson 11 Book Keeping
Lesson 12 Cash Book, Pass Book, Bank Recon ...
Lesson 13 Ascertainment of Profit
Lesson 14 Cash Book, Pass Book, Bank Recon ...
Lesson 15 Lease Financing, Hire-Purchase and ...
Lesson 16 Basic Concepts in Marketing
Lesson 17 Advertising and salesmanship
Lesson 18 Channels of Distribution
Lesson 19 Institutional Framework for ...
Lesson 20 Policy Support to Small Scale Industries


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