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Shivaji College

Dr. Shashi Nijhawan (Principal)
College Address Shivaji College.
Ring Road,
Raja Garden,
New Delhi - 110 027
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College Phone 25116644, 25155551
College Fax 25191458, 25155551
          Shivaji College

About College

Shivaji College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi and was established in 1961.  It is a multi-faculty, co-education college with approximately 2200 students on its roll in various courses of Arts and Humanities, Science and Commerce.  The college has strived to earn excellence in its academic standards by constantly incorporating innovative trends in teaching and by keeping pace with global academic scenario.   The students of the college have exhibited brilliant performances in their academic pursuits and extraordinary achievements in extra-curricular activities. They occupy important positions in all sectors of society.

College education provides an opportunity to students to groom their inherent talents, explore their interests and new ideas and help them in a manner that they are an asset to society.  The interaction of students amongst themselves and with the highly qualified faculty results in exploring their creative and humanitarian instincts and transforms them into tools for the upliftment of society.

The college also provides necessary infrastructure in the form of a spacious library, well equipped laboratories an auditorium furnished with state-of-the-art audio-visual facility and a huge playground in addition to well-kept lawns and gardens.

Governing Body

Prof. H.S. Prasad (Chairperson) 27666629
32-D, Surya Apartments, Sector-13, Rohini, Delhi-110 085

Faculty Members

Department of Biochemistry

Dr. Neena R. Wadhera Associate Professor 25596635 neena.wadera@gmail.com
Dr. Rashmi Wardhan Associate Professor 9811509435 rashmiwardhan56@gmail.com
Dr. Darshan Malik Associate Professor 9711191055 darshanmalik@yahoo.com
Dr. Deepika Bhaskar Associate Professor 9818497821 biodeepika@gmail.com

Department of Botany

Dr. Vijay Mohan Associate Professor 9899723557 mohanvijay@live.com
Dr. Geeta Sharma Associate Professor 9968076800 botanist2010@gmail.com
Dr. Anuradha Mal Associate Professor 9811335843 anuradhamal@hotmail.com
Dr. Anita Kapoor Associate Professor 9899068060 anita.kapur252@gmail.com
Dr. Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor 9811719499 vijaycemde@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Pratima Rani Sardar Assistant Professor 9971987997 pratima.rani.shivaji@gmail.com
Dr. Manju Assistant Professor 9891399119 manju_tomar@rediffmail.com
Ms. V.Prabhvati Assistant Professor 9818977807 prabha5_udsc@yahoo.com

Department of Chemistry

Dr. R.N. Virmani Associate Professor 9811393014 virmanirn@gmail.com
Dr. Promila Mathur Associate Professor 9810482848 promila155@rediffmail.com
Dr. Devender Singh Associate Professor 9811430639 devendersingh1950@rediffmail.com
Dr. Manjula Singh Associate Professor 9818663100 manjul.singh.shivaji@gmail.com
Dr. Anil K. Aggarwal Associate Professor 26256547 anil.krishan.shivaji@gmail.com
Dr. Prasanta Kr. Sahu Associate Professor 9910271844 sahup67@gmail.com
Ms. Rajni Kanojia Assistant Professor 9899130668 rajni.shivaji@gmail.com
Mr. Mahendra Kr. Meena Assistant Professor 9868924510 meenamahendra@gmail.com
Dr. Bhaskar Mohan Kandpal Assistant Professor 9871300429 kandpal_in@yahoo.com
Dr. Neena Khanna Assistant Professor 9312838112 neena.khann.shivaji@gmail.com
Mr. Nand Gopal Assistant Professor 9811364367 giri_nand@rediffmail.com
Mr. Rahul Singal Assistant Professor 9212766890 rahulsinghal.chem@gmail.com
Mrs Vandana Katoch Assistant Professor 9871242812 vandana.katoch@rediffmail.com
Dr. Rajiv kumar Assistant Professor 9810742944 chemistry_rajiv@hotmail.com

Department of Commerce

Sh. A.K. Bagrial Associate Professor 9818157366 ashokbagrial@rediffmail.com
Dr. G.P. Mishra Associate Professor 9711448300 gpmishra.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Daryab Singh Associate Professor 9818020317 daryabsingh.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Usha Sharda Associate Professor 9911209444 ushasharda.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Sh. Dhananjaya Sharma Associate Professor 9910078593 dhananjay.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Sh. P.R. Chadha Associate Professor 9811174961 prchadha.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Renu Malhotra Associate Professor 9818093635 renumalhotra1021@yahoo.com
Mrs. Suman Kharbanda Associate Professor 9810808703 sumankharbanda@hotmail.com
Dr. Rabinarayan Samantara Associate Professor 9818413296 rabinarayan.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mr. Rajesh Kumr Assistant Professor 9911001613 rajesh@commerce@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Assistant Professor 9990341949 rameshkumar.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mr. Rajinder Singh Assistant Professor 9711375578 rajindersingh@aol.in
Ms. Kiran Chaudhary Assistant Professor 9971820484 chdhrykiran@yahoo.co.in

Department of Computer Science

Sh. Rakesh Yadav Associate Professor 9868237468 ydvr1164@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Preeti Sharma Associate Professor 9313602024 reachtopreeti@yahoo.co.in

Department of Economics

Sh. R.S. Bhardwaj Associate Professor 9910433545 rsbhardwaj.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Anshu Chopra Associate Professor 9811086061 anshuatulhopra@yahoo.com
Mrs. Mamta Dutt Associate Professor 9810460011 mrsmamtadatt@gmail.com
Ms. Iti Tripathi Assistant Professor 27341679 ititripathi.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Reetika Rana Assistant Professor 9899890655 rana.reetika@gmail.com
Mr. Krishna Ram Assistant Professor 9968004689 mrkrishnaram@gmail.com
Mr. Sumeet Singh Assistant Professor 9899368638 raheja.sumeet@gmail.com

Department of English

Dr. A.K. Bhargava Associate Professor 9810045747 akbhargava10@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Poonam Singh Associate Professor 9891060438 poonamsingh.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Anjali Raman Assistant Professor 9899755030 anjaliraman.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Sonali Garg Assistant Professor 9971425520 sonaligarg.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Sh. Sidhartha Satpathy Assistant Professor 9811668734
Dr. Arjun Ghosh Assistant Professor 9811542410 arjunghosh@gmail.com
Ms. Siamlianvung Hangzo Assistant Professor 9968289113 grace_hangzo@hotmail.com
Ms. Leisangthan Gitarani Devi Assistant Professor 9971129735 git_leisa@yahoo.com
Ms. Ritu Madan Assistant Professor 9818230105 madan_ritu@rediffmail.com

Department of Geography

Sh. B.S. Dahiya Associate Professor 9811652805 dahiya.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Dharamvir Chhikara Associate Professor 9968142033 dharamvir.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Surender Singh Associate Professor 27044829 surenders@gmail.com
Dr. Lalita Rana Associate Professor 9871893934 lalita_6059@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Tejvir Singh Rana Associate Professor 9818312789 ranatejbir@gmail.com
Mrs. Preeti Tewari Associate Professor 28535539 pretwari@yahoo.co.in

Department of Hindi

Dr. Usha Kanta Chaturvedi Associate Professor 27025612 ushakanta.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Sarvesh Kr. Dubey Associate Professor 9711245560 sarveshdubey.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Ruchira Dhingra Associate Professor 28716968 ms.ruchira_gupta@rediffmal.com
Dr. Virender Bhardwaj Associate Professor 9810265936 dr.virenderbhardwaj@gmail.com
Mr. Vikas Sharma Assistant Professor 9210980227 vikas@india.com
Ms. Jyoti Sharma Assistant Professor 9999429289 checkjyoti@gmail.com
Mr. Darshan Pandey Assistant Professor 9891320580 pandey.darshan@rediffmail.com
Ms. Raj Kumari Assistant Professor 9868760805 rajkumari.shivaji@rediffmail.com

Department of History

Dr. Jai Gopal Associate Professor 25264364 jaigopal.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Khurshid Khan Associate Professor 25835438 khurshidkhan.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Amarjiva Lochan Associate Professor 9811798499 amarjiva@gmail.com
Dr. Shama Mitra Chenoy Associate Professor 9810308704 shamamitrachenoy@gmail.com
Sh. Mukesh Kumar Singh Associate Professor 9873447935 mukeshsingh.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Nishta Srivastav Assistant Professor 9811596593 nishtha_srivastava2007@yahoo.co.in

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Saroj Sharma Associate Professor 29523316 Drmrssarojsharma@gmail.com
Dr. Shiv Kr. Sahdev Associate Professor 9999993000 shiv_sahdev@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Babita Gupta Associate Professor 9968292411 babita.gupta@hotmail.com
Mrs. Aparna Jain Assistant Professor 9868416665 jainaparna@yahoo.com
Mrs. Surbhi Madan Assistant Professor 9868087706 surbhimadan@gmail.com
Mrs. Mridula Budhraja Assistant Professor 27342078 nkbudhraja@yahoo.com
Sh. Pankaj Kumar Dass Assistant Professor 9891890050 pankaj4thapril@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Ashesh Kumar Jharwal Assistant Professor 9312065223 manishcsio@gmail.com
Dr. Kumari Priyanka Assistant Professor 9868425279 priyanka_15md@yahoo.com

Department of Physical Education

Sh. Gaurav Goel Associate Professor 9868488345 peshivajidu@gmail.com

Department of Physics

Sh. Ravi Khaneja Associate Professor 9811538039 renu_khaneja2000@yahoo.com
Dr. Pramod Sagar Associate Professor 9810559545 parmodsgr@gmail.com
Dr. Triyug Singh Associate Professor 9811716432 triyugsingh.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. S.K. Soni Associate Professor 9990000567 sksoni.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. S.C. Goel Associate Professor 9891489389 scgoel.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Manju Banerjee Associate Professor 9871919222 manjubanerjee.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Ashok K. Shukla Associate Professor 9818813385 akshukla.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Arunvir Singh Associate Professor 9868279792 arunvsingh@gmail.com
Dr. S.K. Yadav Associate Professor 9871490511 dr.skyadav@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Bharti Badhwar Assistant Professor 9818999997 bhartibadhwar.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Mamta Assistant Professor 9999773910 mamtakkr30@yahoo.co.in

Department of Political Science

Dr. D.K. Singh Associate Professor 25252070 dksingh.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Santosh Duggal Associate Professor 23279953 santoshduggal.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Dinesh Yadav Associate Professor 9911667676 dineshyadav.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. V.P.S. Malik Associate Professor 9868353515 vpsmalik.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Surinder K. Nagpal Associate Professor 9868086837 surindernagpal.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Sh. Surender Singh Rana Associate Professor 9810168160 ssrana.shivaji@rediffmail.com

Department of Sanskrit

Dr. R.K. Vasishtha Associate Professor 9818192925 rkvasishtha@gmail.com

Department of Sociology

Mrs. Neena Malhotra Associate Professor 9811065714 neenamalhotra.shivaji@rediffmail.com

Department of Zoology

Dr. V.K. Mehta Associate Professor 9810135268 drvkm7@gmail.com
Dr. Balraj Gupta Associate Professor 9811344097 balrajgupta.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Dr. Sudhir Vasal Associate Professor 9911247997 sudhir_vasal@yahoo.com
Dr. Indira Chaudhary Associate Professor 9810077368 indra.chaudhary@gmail.com
Dr. Sunita Gupta Assistant Professor 9873681858 sunitagupta.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Deepika Yadav Assistant Professor 9873024433 deepikayadav.shivaji@rediffmail.com
Ms. Nimita kant Assistant Professor 9871620360 nimitakant@gmail.com
Mr. Manish Kumar Sachdeva Assistant Professor 9818602572 msachdeva@zoology.du.ac

Department of Library

Mr. K.C.Dixit Librarian 9910105386 kcdixit57@yahoo.in

Courses Offered

Four Year Undergraduate Programme


Dr. A.K. Shukla 25155551, 9818813385 Shivaji College, Ring Road,
Raja Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Administrative Staff

Mr. Dipin Arora Administrative Officer 25155551, 9818644189
Mr. A.C. Jain Section Officer (Accounts) 25116644