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Zakir Husain Delhi College

Dr. M. Aslam Parvaiz (Principal)
College Address Zakir Husain Delhi College
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg,
(Opp. Ramlila Ground)
New Delhi-110002
College Phone 23232218, 23233420
College Fax 23232779
          Zakir Husain Delhi College

About College

Zakir Husain Delhi College holds the distinction of being in existence well before the establishment of Delhi University. It carries within itself a history of nearly 300 years as an institution of learning. In the closing years of the 17th C, the Madrasa Ghaziuddin, as it was then called, was established by one of Emperor Aurangzeb’s leading Deccan commanders and was famous for education in Literature, Science and Arts. The upheavals that weakened the Mughal Empire during the 18th C resulted in the closure of the Madrasa in the early 1790s, but with the support of the wealthy citizens of Delhi, an oriental college for Literature, Science and Art was established at the site in 1792. Instruction was provided in Prose, Literature, Rhetoric, Logic, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Astrology and Medicine.

The British East India Company, in 1824, declared the institution to be a center for higher education in the country where the medium of instructions were Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit. It was now called The Delhi College, and it received support through an endowment of Rs. 1,70,000 by Nawab Itmadudduala, the Oudh Vazir in 1829. Soon after that, Urdu or Hindustani gained importance and became the chief mediums of instruction not only for oriental Sciences and Literature, but also for the study of Astronomy and Mathematics based on European principles, which had been introduced and enthusiastically received by teachers and students as early as 1827. The translation of scientific treatises, Greek classics and Persian works into Urdu was taken up by the Vernacular Society which was set up in 1832. Within the space of two decades it published works covering a range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, History, Surgery, Geography, Political Economy, Civil Law and Principles of Legislation. Its remarkable achievements were later supplemented by the Society for the Promotion of Knowledge in India.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th C, a diverse socio-cultural and secular community evolved around Urdu culture and etiquette. The Delhi College was the focus of this composite urbanity in northern India’s premier city because of its proximity to both the geographically, historically and culturally rich old and new aspects of Delhi. A distinguished group of its teachers and student-educationists, mathematicians, historians and literatures - became the center of a scientific and literary flowering that would be referred to as the ‘Delhi Renaissance’. They founded schools, wrote books and textbooks, translated works into Urdu and edited journals.

Apart from preserving traditional systems of knowledge, Delhi College was one of the pioneers in offering English education in the country, providing a constructive engagement between the oriental and western intellectual traditions, particularly before the 1857 revolt. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that, in 1845, of a total strength of 460 students, 418 were studying in the oriental section, while 245 students were learning English. They included 299 Hindus, 146 Muslims and 15 Christians, demonstrating even then, that the college answered to the needs of the city as a whole by providing a distinctly diverse cultural ambience that cherishes composite culture and a spirit of mutual accommodation.

On May 11, 1857, the revolutionaries plundered the college, then located at Kashmiri Gate, because it provided Western education. However, British authorities closed it down after the defeat of the revolt because they suspected the loyalties of its teachers and students. In 1862, the institution sent candidates for the entrance examination of the Calcutta University. Between 1864 and 1871, intermediate, B.A. and M.A. classes were started with creditable results. Ultimately the imperial government decided to close down the institution, transferring its staff and library to Lahore, despite vociferous protests from the citizens of Delhi.

In 1924, the Anglo-Arabic Intermediate College was started almost 50 years later to answer the “very definite loss to the city occasioned by the transfer of the Delhi Oriental College to Lahore in 1877.” The college was affiliated to Delhi University in 1925, and became one of its constituent degree colleges in 1929.

Following the partition of India, the college was attacked and set on fire by incendiary mobs. Courageous staff members managed to save the Library and office records. Supported by Dr. Zakir Husain and others, the Delhi College was revived as a non-denominational institution in 1948, and was renamed after him in 1975 and managed by Dr. Zakir Husain Memorial College Trust. As principal, the legendary Beig Saheb moulded the institution with a deep sense of its historical past, and a culture that even today gives it a distinctive quality. Within the next decade and a half, the college was shifted to its present location in 1986 outside the Turkman Gate; a location which geographically and symbolically unites Old Delhi with New Delhi, merging old traditions with a constant striving towards progress and modernity. However, what remained unchanged was the institution’s commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and the creation of a scientific temper, together with promoting secular, progressive values.

After a repeated request from the alumni, faculty and students the members of the Dr. Zakir Husain Memorial College Trust agreed to change the name of the College to Zakir Husain Delhi College. The College was renamed on 7th January 2012.

Governing Body

G.B. is Under Constitution (Chairperson) 26322720

Faculty Members

Department of Arabic
Mr. Anis-ur-Rahman Associate Professor 23281138 arahmanarabic@yahoo.com
Mr. Malik Mohd. Atiq Associate Professor   mmatiqzhc@gmail.com
Mr. Mohd. Qasim Assistant Professor 9868077466 qasim4arabic@gmail.com
Department of Bengali
Ms. Sharmistha Sen Associate Professor 9899407868, 22585792 sharmisthasenn@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Gopa Dey Assistant Professor 9818000779, 22627806 deygopa@hotmail.com
Dr. Audwittee Bannerjee Assistant Professor 9810553196 debashish.banerjee@motherdairy.com
Department of Botany
Ms. Aayesha Neaz Associate Professor 9868001374, 65254633 ayeshaneaz@gmail.com
Mr. Shyam Lal Regar Assistant Professor 9717546741 shyambotany@gmail.com
Dr. Devyani Muley Assistant Professor 9811166073 devayani.muley@yahoo.in
Dr. (Ms.) Reeta Khosla Associate Professor 9891485235, 41435677 reetukhosla14@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Mrinal Bhargava Associate Professor 9810362122, 27024617 mrinal.bhargava@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Malti Gupta Associate Professor 9810023164, 25079866 dr.maltigupta@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Ratnum Kaul Wattal Associate Professor 9717392632, 9891392852 ratnumwattal@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Babeeta Churungu
Associate Professor 9810670331, 26563927 bckaula@yahoo.com
Department of Chemistry
Dr. (Ms.) Sunita Gupta Associate Professor 9868327163, 32971920 gupta_1255@yahoo.co.in
Dr. (Ms.) Sarita Passey Associate Professor 9811177604 saritapassey@yahoo.com
Dr. Jyotasna Rattan Assistant Professor 9868366130, 95120-2771226 rajeshbokadia@rediffmail.com
Ms. Mohsineen Wazir Assistant Professor 9911807372 mohs13@gmail.com
Mr. Ravi Kant Assistant Professor 9013454839  
Dr. M.K. Gupta Associate Professor 9868039518, 25552914 mahinderkumar.gupta@gmail.com
Dr. Vijay Sarda Associate Professor 9871751112, 27227929 vijaysarda15@gmail.com
Dr. D.S. Sharma Associate Professor 9911199880, 95124-2301620 dssharma9@gmail.com
Dr. Rizwan Ahmad Associate Professor 9810851911, 26331676 rahmad1953@hotmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Sangeeta Pandita Associate Professor 9810149245, 95120-2519245 sangeeta_pandita@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Nadira Arif Associate Professor 9891549992, 22733607 arif_nadira@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Usha Bansal Associate Professor 30280003, 22713727 dr.usha.bansal@gmail.com
Mr. S.K. Jain Associate Professor 9811283232, 25269022 skjainzhc@gmail.com
Dr. Sulekh Chandra Associate Professor 9811226273, 22911267 schandra_00@yahoo.com
Dr. K.K. Arora Associate Professor 9810837517, 22784544 kaykayarora@hotmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Samta Goyal Associate Professor 9810321317, 25275559 gsamta@rediffmail.com
Department of Commerce
Dr. Naseem Ahmad Associate Professor 9811072671, 65253363 ahmed.drnaseem@gmail.com
Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma Associate Professor 9811078559, 27315475 as5a82@yahoo.com
Dr. Ruma Debnath Associate Professor 9810526256, 41603243 rumadebnathzhc@gmail.com
Mr. Bharat Bhushan Associate Professor 9818773747, 22416107 bdr.bhushan@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Masroor Ahmad Beg Associate Professor 9811925465 drmabegits@yahoo.com
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Jain Associate Professor 9810923545, 22507079 mukesh.kr07@gmail.com
Ms. Shivani Associate Professor 9910162139, 65956622 vikram_shivani@yahoo.com
Ms. Shruti Associate Professor 9810147046, 23843008    shrutiggupta@yahoo.co.in
Dr.  Mohd. Rizwan Ahmad Associate Professor 9818712456, 09897197488 mrizwan_zhc@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Mahmood Alam Associate Professor 9811598253, 95120-2432280 me_mahmoodalam@rediffmail.com
Ms. Reeta Associate Professor 9910218348, 01882-240631 inforeeta@yahoo.com
Mr. Bharat Bhatt Assistant Professor 9911130537, 01907-2669559 bhattbharat22@rediffmail.com
Ms. Nidhi Dhawan Assistant Professor 9811561261, 26351209 niddhi_dhawan@yahoo.com
Mr. Bhupinder Assistant Professor 9871936682, 26882654 mr.bhupender1982@rediffmail.com
Mr. Abdul Wahid Farooqi Associate Professor 9811126786, 29964873 abdulwahid.508@rediffmail.com
Ms. Swati Aggarwal Associate Professor 9811240003 swatigupta5@rediffmail.com
Ms. Nirupama Mathur Associate Professor 95120-2533186 nirupamazhc@gmail.com
Mr. Mohd. Naqi Associate Professor 9811006072, 23984993 mohd.naqi@yahoo.com
Dr. R.Prabhakar Rao Associate Professor 9818181431 pra1431@gmail.com
Dr. Mohammad Jafar Associate Professor 9810943321, 25079502 mjafarzhc@gmail.com
Department of Economics
Dr. Guljit Kumar Arora Associate Professor 9868957605  
Mr. Shams-ul-Haque Associate Professor 9313880519, 26973876 shaquezhc@gmail.com
Mr. S.M.Quaisar Raza Associate Professor 9990840027 smqaisar_raza@yahoo.com
Ms. Apala Panda Associate Professor 9871165966, 22232556 apalapanda@gmail.com
Ms. Shailza Gupta Associate Professor 9313228328, 27465803 shailza_gupt@yahoo.com
Ms. Shirin Akhter Assistant Professor 9810697233, 27862406 sakhter@zh.du.ac.in
Mr. Sujit Basu Assistant Professor 9654446755 shanku74@gmail.com
Ms. Simin Akhtar Naqvi Assistant Professor 8800371459 akhtersimin@yahoo.co.in
Department of Electronics
Ms. Neelam Pahwa Associate Professor 95120-3094848 neelam.zhc@gmail.com
Dr. Bijoy Kumar Kuanr Associate Professor 9810697415, 22246260 bkkuanr@yahoo.com
Mr. Naveen Kumar Jain Associate Professor 9818278539, 22571961 drnkjain3365@gmail.com
Dr. P.K. Shishodia Associate Professor 9818257720, 22629632 shishodiapk@yahoo.com
Mr. Anshu Rastogi Associate Professor 9810548283, 95120-2774208 anshu_rastogi@rediffmail.com
Department of English
Dr. (Ms.) Sukrita Paul Kumar Associate Professor 9818405511, 42143145 sukita.paulkumar@gmail.com
Ms. Lima Kanungo Associate Professor 9891374744, 26893850 limakanungo@gmail.com
Ms. Rashmi Govind Associate Professor 9810007601, 22720738 rashmigovind@yahoo.com
Mr. Bodh Prakash Associate Professor 9868178499 bodhprakash@hotmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Rana Sami Associate Professor 9810632939, 26891018 ranasami11@yahoo.com
Ms. Vibha Singh Chauhan Associate Professor 9810638582, 26693040 vibha20_2000@yahoo.com
Ms. Naghma Zafir Associate Professor 9818167098, 27876518 zafir.naghma@gmail.com
Ms. Anuradha Marwah Roy Associate Professor 9810077969, 26894458  
Ms. Mukul Chaturvedi Associate Professor 9818144970, 26132027 mukulchaturvedi@yahoo.com
Mr. Kishore Kumar Das Assistant Professor 9350212229 kishorkds@gmail.com
Mr. Awad Millind Eknathrao Assistant Professor 9868701448, 09370065933 milindawad1@gmail.com
Ms. Shraddha Adityaveer Singh Assistant Professor 9810968369 shraddha.avsingh@gmail.com
Ms. Namrata Chaturvedi Assistant Professor 9911135181 namrata.chaturvedi@gmail.com
Department of Hindi
Dr. (Ms.) Madhuri Khosla Associate Professor 9810922174, 95124-2358176 mkhoslazhc@gmail.com
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mehta Associate Professor 9810918275, 39447151 me.ramesh29@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Sarita Khurana Associate Professor 27865093 skhuranazhc@gmail.com
Mr. Pawan Kumar Associate Professor 9311595106 pawan_kumar1622@yahoo.com
Dr. Harender Singh Associate Professor 9810793295, 25097794 harenderaswal@gmail.com
Ms. Neelam Kumari Assistant Professor 9810381547, 9910381547 nkumarizhc@gmail.com
Dr. Anjan Kumar Assistant Professor 9871902550, 65711243 anjankzhc@gmail.com
Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan Assistant Professor 9868009636 chauhan.vijender@gmail.com
Dr. Suraiya Khan Assistant Professor 9716348718 suraiyakhan2007@gmail.com
Department of History
Dr. (Ms.) Saba Khan Associate Professor 9818394267, 26844187 sabazhc@gmail.com
Dr. Devesh Vijay Associate Professor 9811664877, 65470370 devesh_vijay@yahoo.co.in
Mr. M.M. Raheman Associate Professor 9811038171, 23814153 osd_exams@yahoo.in
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Assistant Professor 9810861090, 9891525336 pkumar_24j@yahoo.com
Dr. M. Tariq Anwar Assistant Professor 9899158085 tarique.zhc@gmail.com
Dr. Ataullah Assistant Professor 9810553076 attaalig@gmail.com
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma Associate Professor 9811430510, 23944405 sanjaykusharma@yahoo.co.in
Department of Mathematics
Dr. D.S. Jaggi Associate Professor 9891249509, 27234964 dsjaggi@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Satya Goel Associate Professor 9811136023, 26030773 sg_goel2007@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Ayub Khan Associate Professor 26911373 khanayubdu@yahoo.com
Mr. Sanjay Mehra Associate Professor 9811387092, 27436673 sanjaymehra10@yahoo.com
Dr. Mohd. Arif Associate Professor 9810829398, 26952937, hmohdarif@gmail.com
Dr. Abdullah Assistant Professor 9811739965 abd.zhc.du@gmail.com
Mr. Vinay Kumar Assistant Professor 9717488540 krvinayaidso@yahoo.com
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 8010746349 onnetpradeep@gmail.com
Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 9868322749 dksingh@maths.du.ac.in
Dr. Naseem Ajmal Associate Professor 42773635, 65474492 nasajmal@yahoo.com
Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja Associate Professor 9312225500 gtuteja@yahoo.com
Department of Persian
Dr. Jameelur Rehman Associate Professor 9899208898, 24521958 jameelrzhc@gmail.com
Department of Philosophy
Ms. Madhu Prasad Associate Professor 9891234299, 26691162 madhuchopra@hotmail.com
Dr. C. V. Babu Assistant Professor 9899540882 babukarun@rediffmail.com
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Associate Professor 9891370472, 65390628 ashwinpandit@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms) Divya Tiwari Associate Professor 9810211134, 9891187277 drdivyatiwari@yahoo.com
Department of Physics
Mr. H.V. Maheshwary Associate Professor 9810966025, 26276054 harshv.maheshwary@gmail.com
Dr. R.K. Arora Associate Professor 9350553601, 25551353 arora_r_in@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Swati Arora Associate Professor 9811823560, 27555050 drswatia@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Gayatri Shishodia Associate Professor 22629632 shishodiapk@yahoo.com
Mr. Satish Kumar Rajoria Assistant Professor 9868637541 s.k.rajouria@gmail.com
Dr. M. Fahim Ansari Assistant Professor 9811149051 fahim99@hotmail.com
Dr. Seema Rawat Assistant Professor 9654527664 rawatseema1@rediffmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Anita Katna Associate Professor 9818424058, 26142486 anitakatna@rediffmail.com
Department of Political Science
Dr. Uma Shankar Associate Professor 9211533627 drumashankar1959@yahoo.com
Mr. Ravi Ranjan Assistant Professor 9899355602 ranjanr1@gmail.com
Ms. Sonu Trivedi Assistant Professor 9910170444,  9350031739 sonutrivedi@gmail.com
Ms. Savita Singh Assistant Professor 9871901252 ms.savita@gmail.com
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor 9999883324 sanjeevkumar78@gmail.com
Mr. L. Bidhanchandra Singh Assistant Professor 9818932096 bslaishram@yahoo.com
Mr. M. Aftab Alam Assistant Professor 9871961599 aftabjnu@gmail.com
Ms. Manashi Misra Assistant Professor 9891440262 manashi.misra@gmail.com
Mr. Nijwm K. Bwismuthiary Assistant Professor 9810128755 nijwmzen29@hotmail.com
Ms. Vasudha Dhingra Assistant Professor 9711883191 vasudha.dhingra@gmail.com
Dr. Om Prakash Assistant Professor 9999370980 omprakash2k@gmail.com
Ms. Priya Naik Assistant Professor 9350316215 naik.priya@gmail.com
Department of Psychology
Dr.(Ms.) Karuna Mehta Associate Professor 9818654363 karuna.zhc@gmail.com
Dr. Khurshid Alam Associate Professor 9911455579 drkhurshidalam@hotmail.com
Dr. (Ms) Nisha Jaiswal Assistant Professor 9810820377, 95120-2403273 nisha253@yahoo.com
Dr. D. Chao Assistant Professor 9810861530, 22599324 daihocr@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Gulgoona Jamal Assistant Professor 9818025649 gul_jamal76@yahoo.com
Dr. Shyodan Singh Assistant Professor 9310647760 shyodan.singh@gmail.com
Dr. Satendra Kumar Thakur Assistant Professor 9868418129 skt016@gmail.com
Department of Sanskrit
Dr.(Ms.) Pavan Kumari Associate Professor 9811452397, 27023599 pavankumari2151@gmail.com
Dr. Satyapal Singh Associate Professor 9810547310 satyapal64@yahoo.com
Dr. Sharda Verma Associate Professor 9871124747 shardazhc@gmail.com
Dr. Saraswati Assistant Professor 27875734 saraswatizhc@gmail.com
Dr. Deepak Kalia Assistant Professor 9868213086 dsharma.kalia@gmail.com
Dr. Ramkishor Maholiya Assistant Professor 9711858871 ramkishore.jnu@gmail.com
Department of Urdu
Dr.(Ms.) Mumtaz Mujeeb Associate Professor 9891143788, 26989963 mmujeebzhc@gmail.com
Dr. Khalid Mustafa Alvi Associate Professor 23092226, 20061847 alvikhalid@yahoo.com
Dr. Shah Alam Assistant Professor 9868669498 salamzhc@gmail.com
Mr. Abdul Aziz Associate Professor 9312431471 aazizzhc@gmail.com
Dr. Mohd. Jafar Ahrai Associate Professor 22458880 jafarahrari@gmail.com
Department of Zoology
Dr.(Ms.) Indra Mohini Tuli Associate Professor 9810621901, 23614336 mohini.tuli@gmail.com
Ms. Ilmas Naqvi Assistant Professor 9891305861 ilmas79@yahoo.com
Dr. Anubha Das Assistant Professor 9891874260 yanubha@gmail.com
Mr. Ragesh P.R. Assistant Professor 9971928970 rageshpr@gmail.com
Dr. B. Hareram Dass Assistant Professor 9868340323 harib2k@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Satish Ganta Assistant Professor 9350544061 satishganta2001@yahoo.co.in
Mr.(Ms.) Shashi Chandrakant Associate Professor 9810056242, 25592730 shashick@rediffmail.com
Dr.(Ms.) Debjani Dutta Associate Professor 22790554 debjanidutta_m@rediffmail.com
Dr.(Ms.) Anita Grover Associate Professor 9810431011, 25782052 dragrover@yahoo.com

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Dr. Vijay Sarda

Administrative Staff

Samia Farid Section Officer (Accounts) 9873180050
Syed Hasan Abid Section Officer (Administration) 9873156622
Zafar Kamal Sr. P.A. to Principal 9868853918
Ayaz Ahmed Chashier 9899718808
Shehzad Ahmed 9350881412
Mohd. Javed Asif 9811005372
Mumtaz Ali Hashmi 9891397234
Ikramuddin 9811768435