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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

Dr. Poonam Verma (Principal)
College Address Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies(University of Delhi)
Vivek Vihar, Phase-II
Delhi – 110092
College Phone 22159941, 22154581, 22160681
College Fax 22159941
          Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

About College

Shaheed sukhdev college of business studies (sscbs) is one of the most highly reputed institutions under the aegis of university of delhi, imparting education in business and management at the undergraduate level and is a college 100 % funded by delhi government. Sscbs shapes and nurture young minds into proactive and socially responsive leaders who will shape the future of corporate india.

Governing Body

Prof. Anand Prakash (Chairperson) Dean International Relations (Social Sciences and Humanities, Universitry of Delhi)

Faculty Members

Department of Business Studies

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Goyal Associate Professor   sanjay.goyal@rediffmail.com
Dr. Preeti Rajpal Singh Associate Professor   preetirsingh@hotmail.com
Dr. Hamendra Kumar Porwal Associate Professor   porwalhk@yahoo.com
Dr. Tanuja Sharma Associate Professor 9910841987 sharmatanuja@yahoo.com
Ms. Kavita Kapur Associate Professor   kavitak20@gmail.com
Dr. Tarannum Ahmad Associate Professor 9811147285 ahmadtarannum@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Rohini Singh Associate Professor 22527683 bbsbfia@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Shalini Prakash Associate Professor 9873424231 shalinirajat@hotmail.com
Ms. Anuja Mathur Assistant Professor 9871109444 anuja_mathur@hotmail.com
Ms. Damini Gupta Assistant Professor   damini_g@rediffmail.com
Ms. Geetanjali Assistant Professor 9999409639 geetanjali.juneja@gmail.com
Ms. Urmil Bharti Jain Assistant Professor 9811035048 ubharti@hotmail.com
Mr. Deepak Kukreja Assistant Professor 9958303666 dk@sscbsdu.ac.in, dkmca@rediffmail.com
Ms. Meghna Malhotra Assistant Professor 9811542022 meghna_cbs@rediffmail.com
Ms. Jyoti Sikka Assistant Professor 9818394080 jyoti_sikka_v@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Neha Matlani Assistant Professor 9910144460 neha.matlani@yahoo.com
Mr. Ameet Sao Assistant Professor 9818083993 ameetsao_76@yahoo.co.in

Department of Computer Science

Ms. Kavita Rastogi Associate Professor 9810510518 kavitarastogi20@hotmail.com
Ms. Anamika R. Gupta Assistant Professor 9810719720 anamikargupta@rediffmail.com
Mr. Ajay Jaiswal Assistant Professor 9911103504 a_ajayjaiswal@yahoo.com
Ms. Shikha Gupta Assistant Professor 9873177370 guptas_2003@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Sameer Anand Assistant Professor 9818747783 sanand_or@yahoo.com
Ms. Aarti Goel Assistant Professor 9990010019 goel.aarti@gmail.com
Mr. Onkar Singh Assistant Professor 9911229493 onkar.dumcs@gmail.com
Ms. Priya Gupta Assistant Professor 9873710626 pgupta1902@gmail.com

Department of Financial Studies

Ms. Kishori Ravi Shankar Assistant Professor 9968067846 kishorirs@gmail.com
Mr. Kumar Bijoy Assistant Professor 9810452266 kumarcfa@yahoo.com
Ms. Nomita Sharma Assistant Professor 9818077706 nomitasharma@yahoo.com
Mr. Hemant Kumar Assistant Professor 9313534400 hemant_or@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Charu Banga Assistant Professor 9891138771 charu30_arora@yahoo.com

Courses Offered

Four Year Undergraduate Programme


Ms. Kishori Ravi Shankar Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Vivek Vihar, Phase-II 22154581

Administrative Staff

Sh. S.K. Jairath Off. Administrative Officer 22154581
Ms. Deepti Khatri Librarian 22154581
Sh. Sumit Lamba PA to Principal 22159941