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Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College

Dr. P.K. Khurana (Principal)
College Address Sheikh Sarai,
New Delhi-110017.
College Phone 29253430
College Fax 29257826
          Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College

About College

Shaheed Bhagat Singh(Eve)College was established in March, 1973, by Delhi Administration as one of the constituent College of the University of Delhi.  It was made a co-educational institution in the year 1996-97.  the college is committed to the philosophy and ideology of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and strives hard to uphold these values amongst the students.  The college have a dynamic faculty to meet intellectually challenging works and cater to the overall development of the students.  It is a prestigious institutions of learning, growth and academic excellence, nurturing young talent in every walk of life.

Governing Body

Prof. R.C.Kuhad (Chairperson) 9868617974
Department of Microbiology, University of Delhi South Campus
Benito Juarez Road,
New Delhi – 110021

Faculty Members


Dr. R.D. Arora Associate Professor  25261733,  9891815010
Mr. D.K. Jain Associate Professor 27564138,  9811675516
Dr. Ramjas Associate Professor  29941234,  9868594204
Dr. N.K. Puri Associate Professor  27561174,  9810664777
Dr. Satish Chander Associate Professor  2250118,  9810556446
Mr. Raman Chawla Associate Professor  27561308,  9718834299
Mr. R.P. Tulsian Associate Professor  27562938,  27864669,  9310369609
Mr. Y.P. Tyagi Associate Professor  27561686,  9811142727,  27606638
Dr. S.K. Grover Associate Professor  25532070  
Dr. Harmahinder Kumar Associate Professor  25448916,  9871595627
Dr. Omkar Singh Deol Associate Professor  9871422044
Mr. Rabi Narayan Kar Assistant Professor 01202501536,  9212708740
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor 27562565,  9871234133
Mr. Mahesh Chander Sharma Associate Professor  26410410,  9717415647
Mr. Vinod J. Kaul Assistant Professor 01294126473,  9312388473
Dr. Kavita Yadav Assistant Professor 25212321,  981880336
Sh. Sunder Singh Assistant Professor 9953514787
Sh. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor 9958583305,  26366775


Mr. R.B. Chopra Associate Professor  27482783,  9811068910
Dr. V.K. Anand Associate Professor  95120-426650,  9873995832
Mr. Comred Iqbal Associate Professor  26910401,  9711001514
Dr. S.A. Siddiqui Associate Professor  9810072830,  26316164(R)
Mr. J.P. Kachi Associate Professor  22742340
Mr. Lalli Associate Professor  26319810,  9990438204
Sh. Amit Soni Assistant Professor 46037629,  9871266497
Sh. Prem Kumar Assistant Professor 9891448146


Ms. Gita Khanna Associate Professor  46022448,  9810295753  
Ms. Manushi Khan Associate Professor  26139155
Dr.(Mrs.)Sabina Pillai Associate Professor  01244100386,  9810370601
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Dubey Assistant Professor 30914961,  9868164401
Dr.(Mrs.) Chhavi Sharma Assistant Professor 01292250570


Mr. S.K. Sinha Associate Professor  22744076,  9868222249
Dr. S.K. Bandooni Associate Professor  22594554,  9871324998
Mr. Ravi Shekhar Associate Professor  9899732161,  9716870230
Mr. V.S. Negi Assistant Professor 9899332100
Ms. Vineeta Chandna Assistant Professor 26444479,  9868221485
Dr. B.W. Pandey Assistant Professor 9911416441
Ms. Anupama Verma Assistant Professor  
Ms. Anupama M. Hasija Assistant Professor 9810218145,  47523554


Dr.(Mrs.) Damyanti Devi Associate Professor  26691479,  26692176,  9810624223
Dr. (Mrs.) Vijay Lata Associate Professor  22811395,  9868212692
Dr. Anupam Goswami Assistant Professor 9711289477
Dr. Satish Kumar Assistant Professor 9891583672,  9868416820
Dr. Vindhyachal Mishra Assistant Professor 9868162124


Mr. Sheo Dutt Associate Professor  9873050037
Dr. Arun Kumar Associate Professor  2953114,  9810665146
Ms. Charu Mittal Assistant Professor 26121755,  26139284,  2613009


Dr. O.P. Sharma Associate Professor  22548092
Ms. Vineeta Kapur Associate Professor  29944506,  9868074880
Dr. Ajay K.  Mehra Associate Professor  01202441852
Dr. Satish Kumar Associate Professor  23812200,  9811512533
Dr.(Mrs.) Sharmilla Purkaysta Associate Professor  9818056293,  22753693
Dr. S.K. Jain Associate Professor  9810990599
Dr. Harendra Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 9999228195  
Ms. Nidhi Lakhotra Assistant Professor 9971965209
Dr. R.S. Mann D.P.E. 9810485677
Dr. Mrs. Poonam Choudhary Librarian 23282843

Courses Offered

Four Year Undergraduate Programme


Sh. Y.P.Tyagi (M) 9891362110
(R) 27561686
172, Kadambri, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi – 110085

Administrative Staff

Sh. D.K. Khurana Administrative Officer 9650936409
Sh. A.K. Sudera S.O. (Admn.) 9811882545
Sh. V.S. Hooda S.O. (Accounts) (R)-4327101