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Rajdhani College

Dr. (Ms.) Vijay Laxmi Pandit (Principal)
College Address Raja Garden,
Ring Road,
New Delhi-110015.
College Phone 25930752
College Fax 25116988
          Rajdhani College

About College

Rajdhani College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. It was established in 1964 by the Delhi Administration in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi under the name of Government College. The college acquired its new name when the Delhi administration vested its governance in an autonomous Governing Body.

The College is situated in West Delhi on Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Road ) near Raja Garden, New Delhi. Its new, beautiful and spacious building was constructed in 1976-77. The college is accessible from all corners of Delhi, Ramesh Nagar and Rajouri Garden metro stations are a few steps away from the college. The college complex has an air-conditioned seminar room, an auditorium, a well-stocked library, well-equipped laboratories and beautiful playgrounds for cricket, football, hockey, Table-Tennis , basket ball, volley ball, etc.

The college is a pioneer co-educational institution and offers B.Com(Hons), B.A(Hons)(Programme) in English, Economics, Hindi, History, Mathematics , Political Science, Sanskrit and B.A. Programme, B.Sc.(Hons) in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Electronics and B.Sc Programme. The college also offers Post-Graduate Courses in English, Hindi, History and Commerce.

Governing Body

Prof. Satwanti Kapoor (Chairperson) Department of Anthropolgy, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007

Faculty Members

Department of English

Sh. Anil Bhatt Associate Professor 9811641857
Ms. Rachna Sethi Assistant Professor 9811093959
Dr. Himadri Roy Assistant Professor 9818165753
Sh. Barun Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor 9213289595
Dr. Jafri S. Shabih Abbas Assistant Professor 9911571424
Ms. Divya Bajpai Jha Assistant Professor 9811334976
Sh. Ved Mitra Shukla Assistant Professor 9953458727
Dr. Varsha Gupta Assistant Professor 9868008195
Mr. Shafiqul Alam Assistant Professor 9873057134
Ms. Anubha Anushree Assistant Professor 9810589797
Sh. Yumirni Kapai Assistant Professor 9213440112
Sh. Amit Sarwal Assistant Professor 9015437837

Department of Lingustics

Dr. Chander Shekhar Singh Assistant Professor

Department of Hindi

Dr. Jagmohan Sharma, Associate Professor 9810098148
Dr. Madhu Verma, Associate Professor 9810032575
Dr. Virender Kumar, Associate Professor 9911296496
Sh. R.k. Tripathi, Assistant Professor 9811945333
Sh. Mahendra Singh, Assistant Professor 9868768645
Dr. Anita, Assistant Professor 9811126554
Dr. Jasvir Tyagi, Assistant Professor 9818389571
Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Professor 9868465200
Dr. Deo Kumar, Assistant Professor 9968647666
Dr. Sapna Chamadia, Assistant Professor 27853886

Department of Commerce

Sh. Krishan Kumar Associate Professor 9811063523
Dr. Raj Kumar Associate Professor 9811516672
Sh. S.K. Jindal Associate Professor 9810113391
Sh. Nirmal Kumar Associate Professor 9868586754
Sh. S.K. Sachar Associate Professor 20310206
Dr. Renu Gambhir Associate Professor 9212192156
Ms. Chhavi Mittal Assistant Professor 9810978963
Dr. Rajender Kumar Assistant Professor 9818037375
Ms. Priyanka Kaushik Assistant Professor 9968160692
Ms. Megha Aggarwal Assistant Professor 9810245680
Ms.Mary Ching Ngaih Lun lethil Assistant Professor 9811587151

Department of Sanskrit

Dr. Om Nath Bimali Associate Professor 25071583
Dr. Savita Nigam Associate Professor 9910871525
Dr. Daya Shankar Tiwari Assistant Professor 9910871525

Department of Mathematics

Dr.. Ravi Parkash Associate Professor 9810746091
Sh. Sushil Kumar Associate Professor 9990589347
Dr. C.S. Lalitha Associate Professor 9891196651
Dr. R.D. Sarma Associate Professor 9871233476
Ms. Vandana Dhingra Associate Professor 9958503366
Dr. K.K. Arora Associate Professor 20448879
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Garg Assistant Professor 9810668750
Ms. Krishna Threja Assistant Professor 9968078058
Sh. Umesh Assistant Professor 9891490462
Dr. Urvashi Arora Assistant Professor 9278244234
Dr. Arun Chaudhary Assistant Professor 9811232629
Mr. Ravindra Kumar Assistant Professor  

Department of Economics

Sh. Sunil Babu Assistant Professor 9899034264
Ms. Ganita Bhupal Assistant Professor  
Ms. Mohini Aggarwal Assistant Professor 9818769262
Ms. Enakshi Sinha Ray Assistant Professor 9868043038
Ms. Rakhi Arora Assistant Professor 9958088110

Department of History

Dr. J.N. Sinha Associate Professor 9810949638
Ms. Rashmi Seth Associate Professor 26153187
Ms. Gayatri Bhagwat Sahu - do - 27662216
Dr. Surendra Kumar Assistant Professor 20484120
Sh. S.P. Shukla Assistant Professor 9958052521
Ms. Namrata Singh Assistant Professor 9868847582
Sh. Mahendra Singh Dhakad Assistant Professor  
Ms. Lakhimi Dutta Assistant Professor 9958411397

Department of Political Science

Dr. Vijay Laxmi Pandit Principal
Sh. S.R. Oberoi Associate Professor 9873241374
Dr. Sunil Sondhi Associate Professor 9868144127
Dr. Sushil Dutt Associate Professor 9868519653
Sh. Suman Kumar Assistant Professor 20317474
Sh. G.P. Bairwa Assistant Professor 9818466999
Dr. Rajbir Singh Assistant Professor 9811573648
Sh. Nawal Kishore Assistant Professor 9868215040
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Jha Assistant Professor 9868041925
Sh. Jagannath Ambagudia Assistant Professor 9350455862
Sh. Om Prakash Assistant Professor 9999370980

Department of Physics & Electronics

Ms. Promila Kumra Associate Professor 9810409739
Dr. H.M. Lumb Associate Professor 9810944880
Ms. Asha Rao Associate Professor 27018347
Dr. K.V. Ferdinand Associate Professor 25271259
Ms. Kanika Somani Associate Professor 9310085172
Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava Associate Professor 9811298552
Dr. Sunita Arya Chhokra Associate Professor 9810331708
Dr. Sanjay Malhotra Associate Professor 9811270866
Dr. Rajesh Giri Associate Professor 9818195570
Dr. S.K. Dhaka Associate Professor 9891948346
Dr. Sanjay Malik Associate Professor 9210339163
Dr. Saswati Sarkar Associate Professor 9811652154
Dr. A.P. Singh Associate Professor 20317575
Dr. Swati Nagpal Assistant Professor 9811522918
Dr. Amit Jain Assistant Professor 9868594241
Sh. Nitin Kumar Assistant Professor 9910728701
Sh. Mahesh Chand Meena Assistant Professor 9968453327
Sh. Jitesh Kumar Assistant Professor 9654680524
Sh. Sarangthem Santinath Singh Assistant Professor 9891369970
Ms. Divya Singh Assistant Professor 9910046854
Dr. Sonia Lumb Assistant Professor 9899972893

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Amita Kumar Associate Professor 9810843011
Dr. N.K. Gautam Associate Professor 9811199644
Dr. Rakesh Kr. Jain Associate Professor 9313646326
Dr. K.A. Venugopalan Associate Professor  
Dr. J.S. Aggarwal B-61 Associate Professor 9868240053
Dr. Mukta Sharma Associate Professor 9810867044
Dr. Manisha Singhal Associate Professor 9971425761
Dr. Y.S. Sharma Associate Professor 9868213655
Dr. Sandeep Kr. Sharma Associate Professor 9868038398
Dr. Poonam Pipil Assistant Professor 9871649185
Sh. Banty Kumar Assistant Professor 9212634962
Dr. Anita Kumari Yadav Assistant Professor 9891324913
Ms. Suman Meena Assistant Professor 9868078821
Ms. Vaishali V. Shahre Assistant Professor 9958929717
Dr. (Ms.) Rajni Grover Assistant Professor 9312330629

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Suruchi Associate Professor 9911118146
Ms. Meenakshi Sridhar Assistant Professor 9811160083
Ms. Surbhi Khanna Assistant Professor 9891943112

Department of Physical Education

Dr. Anil Kumar Kalkal Associate Professor 9811822337

Courses Offered

Four Year Undergraduate Programme


Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 9210710506 R.Z-9, T.Extension,Near Vishwas Park,Uttam Nagar,New Delhi-110059

Administrative Staff

Mr. Shri Bhagwan Administrative Officer 9891852572 H.No.6,Ashok Vihar Phase-III,Gurgaon(Haryana)- 122001
Ms. Renuka Salwan Section Officer, Accounts 9871088089 H.No.-C5 A-302-C,Janakpuri,New Delhi-110058
Ms. Aruna Sharma Section Officer, Admn. 27312335 CP-65,Maurya Enclave,Pitam Pura,New Delhi-110034