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Motilal Nehru College

Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Agarwal (Acting) (Principal)
College Address Motilal Nehru College,Benito Juarez Marg,
Delhi University, South Campus, New Delhi-110021
College Phone 24112604
College Fax 24110174
          Motilal Nehru College

About College

Motilal Nehru College is one of the largest constituent colleges of the University of Delhi. Situated in the picturesque South Campus of the University of Delhi, it bears its name after Pandit Motilal Nehru, a great leader, freedom fighter and progenitor of a line of illustrious Prime Ministers. Established in the year 1964, Motilal Nehru College has since gained a reputation as a leading college in New Delhi.

The college started with a modest enrollment of around 200 students in a school building. It has since then, gone from strength to strength, and presently offers courses in Sciences, Humanities and Commerce to about 3500 students from all over India. The college shifted to its present building with a sprawling campus and extensive facilities in the year 1989. It has since then made further development in terms of infrastructure, both physical and academic keeping pace with the demands of a modern educational institution Motilal Nehru College now has a large library block, stocked with the best journals, reference books apart from prescribed text books. It is widely regarded as one of the best in the university. The laboratories in the departments of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, have been renovated to meet international standards in terms of safety and facilities. The fully air-conditioned Computer Science Laboratory for the students of Computer Science and a general Computer Laboratory with Wi-Fi connection has been added to keep pace with demands of modern day education and provide students with facilities to use all available academic resources.

The vast playground and recent landscaping has added to the beauty and greenery of the college. Recent additions in sporting facilities such as complete relaying of turf at the football ground, new basketball, tennis and beach-volleyball courts have added much glitter to the ever improving sporting facilities. The mountain biking facility in the college campus is a huge draw amongst youngsters eager to exploit and experience new sporting avenues. The college has a state-of-the-art, fully air-conditioned Seminar Room with a seating capacity for approximately 100 persons equipped with sound system and video projection system. This and similar other facilities available in the college premises have been utilized to impart and provide a wholesome educational experience to students.

The college is proud of its ability to develop young students, who, with the guidance of the faculty, distinguished themselves in academics, extra-curricular activities and sports. The college boasts of a number of active co-curricular societies and associations whose members regularly travel to other educational institutions bringing laurels to the college and the university. In sports, the college has been lifting the coveted Chancellor's Trophy for the past ten years. The college holds a number of inter-class and inter-college activities in order to promote a sense of responsible citizenship and other concomitant values among its students. The highly qualified and distinguished faculty numbering about 120 ensures that the students opting to study in this college have the best of academic and extracurricular guidance.

Governing Body

Sh. Rakesh Bhan (Chairperson) rakesh.bhan@gmail.com
26532240, 9810111955
C-50, Ist Floor, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi-110049

Faculty Members


Sh. Munish Tamang 9810613360(M) munishtamang@yahoo.com
Sh. Babuli Nayak 9911556680(M) nayak.babuli@gmail.com
Mrs. Kuntal Tamang 9810333280(M) kuntaltamang@yahoo.co.in
Sh. A. Wanshai Shynret 9873513451.(M) wanshaishyrnet@redif.com
Ms. Anupama Suri 9818187901
Dr.(Ms.) Vandita Gautam 9811808244
Ms. Panchshiela 26254302 brahmepanchshiela@yahoo.com
Sh. Surinder Kumar Rohilla 9868869511 surendrarohilla@yahoo.com
Sh. Brahma Dutt 9990669266 bduttadu@gmail.com


Dr. C.P. Mishra 22245338 / 9899537882 cpi3mishra@gmail.com
Sh. Anil Kumar 9868264503 / 26533393 anilmlnc@gmail.com
Sh. Ashok Kumar 9213621934(M)
Dr. Dhananjay  Dubey 9811335071 / 28051876 dubeydhananjay05@gmail.com
Sh. Ram Charan Meena 9868211349
Sh. Sandeep 9868091775
Dr. Bhaskar Lal Karn 9891266601 blkarn@gmail.com
Dr. Mohd. Shabeer 9968484668 shabeermlnc@rediffmail.com


Dr. J. P. Mishra 9350024882 / 9971078571
Dr. Srivatsa 9213984519, 9968717483 shrivatsshastri50 @gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Kaushalya 9999439709


Ms.. Vandana Sethi 29231313, 9810599250
Sh. Mahendra Singh 9968311623 / 20400656 msingh_mlnc2002@yahoo.com
Sh. A. Sunil Dharan 9968393559 sunildharan@rediffmail.com
Ms. Sarita Mishra 9868787130
Ms. Menka Singh 9810258450 msmenka@yahoo.com
Sh. Azad Singh 9968233528
Ms. Vinita Jagdev 9818795643 vinitajagdev@yahoo.com
Sh. Mukesh Kumar 9717131407 mukesh.dsc11@gmail.com
Sh.  Amrit Lal Meena 9891446682 amratlmeena@rediffmail.com


Dr. B.K. Jain 0124-4071658 & 59
Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Aggarwal (Offtg Principal) 27125791 / 9811242002
Dr. J. M. Gupta 9873766669 / 65298214
Dr.  Pradeep Aggarwal 27342293 / 9312237281 pradeepaggarwalmlnc@gmail.com
Dr. Hari Om Gupta 23915523 / 9810168169
Ms.  Meena Singh 25623418,  (9868927492-M) meenasingh23@yahoo.co.in
Dr.(Mrs.) Pragati Mehra 22241209 / 9810331620 mehra.pragati@rediffmail.com
Ms. Anju Kahal 9868725402 / 26121551 narenderanju@gmail.com
Ms. Archana Khangwal 9899306081 archana_mahipal@rediffmail.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Anu Pandey (On duty leave) 22773398 / 9811842522
Ms. Deepti Singh 25261254 deeptirana0502@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Seema Srivastava 27035394, 9899618337 drseemasri@yahoo.com
Sh. Devendra Jarwal deven_jarwal@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Monika Gulati 9810122528 / 25423736
Ms. Monika Gupta (M-9818068318), 22083317 / 25250136
Ms. Ekta Duggal (On study leave) 9899042328 / 28125280
Dr. Suraj Shah 9868340575 surajmlnc@gmail.com
Sh. Chandan Karki 9810751300
Dr. Om Prakash Gosain 9990123752 opgusai@gmail.com


Dr. (Mrs) Shashi Tiwari (on C.C.L) 22570841
Ms. Anupam Goel 26142149
Dr. Preeti Upreti (On C.C.L) 26124784 / 9868913101
Ms. Shipra Gupta 9810813413 shipra22@rocketmail.com
Ms. Ritu Kathuria 25886264 / 25880491 / 9818002596 ritu.kathuria@yahoo.co.in
Ms Malti Kapoor 45531830 / 9711198438 malti_dumaths@rediffmail.com
Mr. Khole Timothy Poumai 9891067987 kholetim@yahoo.co.in
Sh. Sushil Kumar 09990358480 / 09813232517
Sh. Sunit Kumar 9868671145
Dr. Durgesh Kumar Singhal 9278859981 / 32476659 durgesh_6@rediffmail.com


Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Sharma 24670183, 26870546 sumandmg@hotmail.com
Sh. Pawan Sinha 9313712002
Ms. Radhika Kumar 95129-2283610 / 9818455027
Sh. Yogesh Kumar Gupta 9868090153 / 27569864 / 27567256
Dr. (Ms.) Vandana Mishra 22753299, 9350095141 vmishra.du@gmail.com
Sh. Pradeep Kumar 9891159835 / 25330737 parrykaumo@gmail.com
Sh. V.K. Sridhar 9899283070 vksridhar78@rediffmail.com


Sh. S.C.Chibber 25280127 / 9818886676
Dr. S. B. Bhardwaj 0124-2582185, 9968019358
Sh. Netra Pal Singh 9868740410 netrapal2003@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Vipul Singh 9899194594 vipulsingh.du@gmail.com
Mr. Anand Kumar 9810871796 anand_ashoo@yahoo.com
Ms. Kalpana Malik 25094000 / 9810516089
Ms. Padma Negi 9868018807


Dr. B.B. Handoo 25632519, 9313500111
Dr. P. Sengupta 64165757 / 9968172844 psen_gupta.du@gmail.com
Dr. Hemant Kumar 22230428 / 9311469376
Mrs. Sushma Yadav 95124-2366319 / 9810239320 / 9810569320
Dr. Subhasis Haldar 9213673959 subhasis_haldar@rediffmail.com
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar 9871135499 sanjeev.physics@gmail.com
Dr.(Mrs.) Seema Vats 27352855, 27019222, M-9312633502 seema_sharmas@yahoo.co.in
Sh. Shravan Kumar Meena 9968163790
Sh. Y. Prem Kumar Singh 9871666345 prem2664@yahoo.com
Dr.(Ms.) Simrata Bindra 25528193 / 9818460311 simrata@gmail.com


Dr. S. C. Hari 25126784 / 25126828 / 9811437783
Dr. H. K. Saxena 26895653 / 9818056319 harishsaxena_iyhf@rediffmail.com
Dr. Mrs. Ameena Hassan 9891665888 / 22713110, 9810141408
Dr. (Mrs.) Vidya Pradhan 26138731 / 9868774816
Dr. Yogeshwar Sharma 47532248 / 9999563867 yogeshwar_sharma@rediffmail.com
Dr. A. M. Khan 9868469372 / 9871437453
Dr. (Mrs).Rekha Kashyap 27018931, 9818382885 rekhakashyap11@yahoo.com
Dr. N. K. Agnihotri 23646039 / 9810228969 nk_agnihotri@rediffmail.com
Dr. Sarita Tehlan 9810624261 tehlansari@yahoo.com
Sh. Krishan Kumar 9818906623 krishachem@gmail.com
Sh. Ram Babu Pachwaria 09252064724, 9868753872
Dr.(Ms.)  Swati Agrawal 27397012 / 9818571067 swatichem@gmail.com


Mrs. Nita Mital 22723214 / 9810455301
Mrs. Tarang Jain 09416180357, 09351590994 (Husband)


Dr. (Mrs.) Paramita Ghosh 24117560 / 9810841488 / 9871410591


Dr. (Mrs.) Shalini Malhotra 25080882 / 9899986560(M)
Nama Ashish Prem Singh 41419974 / 9650049974 (M) namaashish2002@yahoo.com

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Sh. O. P. Gosain Department of Commerce,Motilal Nehru College 9990123752 Email- opgusai@gmail.com

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Kavita Sharma Administrative Officer 24112604- Extn. 23
Sh. Manoj Kumar Singh Sr. P.A. to Principal 24112604-Extn. 22
Mrs. Kamla Pandey Section Officer(Admn.) 24112604 Extn. 20