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Miranda House [w]

Dr. Pratibha Jolly (Principal)
College Address Miranda House
University of Delhi,
College Phone 27666983, 27667367, 27666201
College Fax 27667437
          Miranda House

About College

Miranda House, residential college for women, is one of the premier Women's Institutions of Delhi University. It was founded in 1948 by the then Vice-Chancellor Sir Maurice Gwyer; its foundation stone was laid by Lady Edwina Mountbatten on March 7 in the same year. Located in the University campus, Miranda House is built in warm red brick with cool and spacious corridors. Its original design was by the renowned architect Walter George, the college shares an architectural affinity with other colonial educational institutions of the country. In the past five decades, as the college has grown, several other buildings have been added to its original design. It is now declared a heritage building and work is on to maintain its pristine glory.

Miranda offers liberal education in humanities and science to more than 2500 students. The faculty is renowned for their meritorious profile, versatile talent and dedication to the cause of education. The college has produced women who have excelled in various professions and have contributed in numerous ways to society at large.

The college has always maintained high academic standards. What is more important is the space it has provided to the students to freely express and develop views that help them respond to changes in society. Its proximity to other campus colleges enables students to participate in the academic and cultural events that take place around it.

The college hostel is amongst the oldest residential buildings of the University. The hostel has recently been renovated under the Heritage Building Project. The hostel section is laid out in a pleasing quadrangle, with gardens paced out by bottle palms. The design allows a spacious privacy within which residents can be as they like. The dining hall is one of the assets of the college with monastic tables and benches set inside a long hall. The stretch of ground curving around the hostel towards the cafeteria has been cleared away for a beautiful lawn and a rockery extending the special attractions of the Cafeteria, particularly on sunny winter days. It has also brought out the potential of the spacious verandah outside one of the classrooms as an elevated stage for cultural events.

Governing Body

Dr. Manju Sharma (Chairperson) 26134608
Pocket B-9
H.No-6476, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi 110 070

Faculty Members


Ms. Roma Debabrata Associate Professor9810135207
Dr. Sreemati Chakravarti Assistant Professor 9868380586
Ms. Saswati Ganguli   9811750069


Dr. Anita Sehgal Associate Professor9911339307
Dr. Madhu Khanna Associate Professor9868445019
Dr. Minakshi Sethi Associate Professor 27667350
Dr. Sushma Moitra Associate Professor9891056582
Dr. Janaki Subramanyan Associate Professor 22528046
Dr. Madhu Bajaj Associate Professor 22733402
Dr. Saloni Bahri Assistant Professor 9818239858
Ms. Rashmi Shakya Assistant Professor 9899554657
Ms. Suchismita Dass   9650086862

DEPARTMENT of Chemistry

Dr. R. Usha Associate Professor9810784110
Ms. Aruna Popli Associate Professor9312404963
Dr. Sunita Ahuja Associate Professor 25719103
Dr. Kiran Kapoor Associate Professor9810230168
Dr. Sunita Dhingra Associate Professor9810128781
Dr. Adarsh Gulati Associate Professor9871278980
Dr. Madhulika Johri Verma Associate Professor9818375868
Dr. Bani Roy Associate Professor9810966041
Dr. Amrita Tripathi Sheikh Associate Professor9810174987
Dr. Mallika Pathak Assistant Professor 9810754091
Dr. Sharda Mahilkar Sonkar Assistant Professor 9910284810
Ms. Nutan Rani Assistant Professor 9968924087
Dr. Kalawati Saini Assistant Professor 9899933847
Dr. Malti Sharma Assistant Professor 9811881447
Dr. Smriti Sharma Bhatia Assistant Professor 9999913821
Ms. Anita Kumari   9540393610

DEPARTMENT of Computer Science

Ms. Seema Aggarwal Assistant Professor 9810284682
Ms. Anuradha Khattar Assistant Professor 9810608405

DEPARTMENT of Economics

Ms. Manisha Vats Associate Professor9312607667
Ms. Alka Budhiraja Associate Professor9811348931
Dr. Ravinder Jha Associate Professor9811309784
Ms. Meeta Kumar Associate Professor9891100079
Ms. Nandini Dutta Associate Professor9312350235
Ms. Malabika Pal Assistant Professor 9811882485
Ms. Bhupinder Kaur Assistant Professor 9868370978
Ms. Hena Oak Assistant Professor 9810728565
Ms. Neetu Chopra Assistant Professor 9818281570
Ms. Sunita Meena Assistant Professor 9811533010
Ms. Sutapa Das Assistant Professor 9910614733
Ms. Puja Rani   9650408795

DEPARTMENT of Elementary Education

Dr. Mukul Tiwari Kalia Assistant Professor 9811847059
Ms. C. Suvasini Assistant Professor 9871709929
Ms. Neetu Rana Assistant Professor 9891784097
Ms. A.R. Sitalakshmi Assistant Professor 9811449507
Ms. Upali Chakravarti Assistant Professor 9818014828
Ms. Ashu Threja Assistant Professor 9910111764
Dr. Barnali Biswas Assistant Professor 9810779207
Ms. Rekha Badsiwal Assistant Professor 9818790152
Ms. Archana Kushwaha   9868093912


Dr. Svati U. Joshi Associate Professor9810621764
Dr. Saswati Sengupta Associate Professor9899822232
Ms. Sharmila Purkayastha Associate Professor9971179595
Ms. Indira Prasad Bahuguna Assistant Professor 9868948201
Dr. Shampa Roy Assistant Professor 9810730462
Ms. Deepika Tandon Assistant Professor 9873868307
Ms. Ira Singh Assistant Professor 9818721410
Ms. Devjani Ray Assistant Professor 9873681811
Ms. Senganglu Thaimei Assistant Professor 9818374862
Ms. Meera Sagar Assistant Professor 9811673409
Ms. Parul Bhardwaj Assistant Professor 9910354878
Dr. Shweta Sachdeva Jha Associate Professor9910103765
Dr. Jenny Rowena P. Assistant Professor 9868216719
Ms. Namrata Jain   9818051401
Ms. Saumya G Jaipuriya   9868030223

DEPARTMENT of Geography

Ms. Punam Behari Associate Professor9891638408
Dr. Sudeshna Bhattacharya Associate Professor9810955286
Dr. Ritu Ahlawat Assistant Professor 9868363319
Dr. Rakhi Parijat Assistant Professor 9868096446
Ms. Poonam Kumria Assistant Professor 9811112460
Ms. Anindita Sarkar Assistant Professor 9811686503
Dr. Monika Vij Assistant Professor 9811525370
Dr. Bashabi Gupta Assistant Professor 9810240132
Ms. Priyanka Puri Assistant Professor 9899671115
Ms. Purva Yadav Assistant Professor 0532-3297740


Dr. Archana Verma Associate Professor9871076587
Dr. Urmil Singh Associate Professor9868107782
Ms. Nisha Nag Assistant Professor 9810790680
Dr. Rajni Disodia Assistant Professor 9910019108
Dr. Kavita Bhatia Assistant Professor 9868144889
Dr. Rama Yadav Assistant Professor 9312259630
Dr. Balwant Kaur Assistant Professor 9868892723
Ms. Uma Meena Assistant Professor 9250834349
Ms. Chanda Sagar Assistant Professor 9871442565
Dr. Renu Arora Assistant Professor 9899971078
Ms. Aparajita Sharma Assistant Professor 9891345251
Dr. Sangeeta Rai Assistant Professor 9871454765


Dr. Srimanjari Associate Professor9868317976
Dr. Nonica Datta Assistant Professor 9899326175
Ms. Bharati Jagannathan Assistant Professor 9818456180
Ms. Madhu Assistant Professor 9818193464
Dr. Snigdha Singh Assistant Professor 9818282169
Ms. Sneh Jha Assistant Professor 9968215609
Dr. Radhika Chadha Assistant Professor 9811045355
Dr. Shonaleeka Kaul Assistant Professor 9971563462

DEPARTMENT of Mathematics

Dr. Surjit Kaur Suneja Associate Professor9818708404
Ms. Lalita Dhar Associate Professor9811266030
Dr. Vimla Kaushik Associate Professor9312764919
Dr. Shashi Aggarwal Associate Professor9810648003
Dr. Manjari Kiran Srivastava Associate Professor9899228986
Dr. Sunila Sharma Associate Professor9811179267
Ms. K. V. Shantha Assistant Professor 9818529470
Dr. Ritu Gupta Assistant Professor 9212265618
Ms. Meetu Bhatia Assistant Professor 9811279551
Ms. Bhawna Bansal Assistant Professor 9868529241
Dr. Daulti Rani Assistant Professor 9868368419
Ms. Apeksha Assistant Professor 9936619174
Ms. Monika Arora Assistant Professor 9818575313
Ms. Yakshi Anand   9891628546

DEPARTMENT of Philosophy

Dr. Nisha Bala Tyagi Associate Professor9350106376
Dr. Reena Kannojiya Assistant Professor 9811445013
Dr. Pratibha Assistant Professor 9899553737
Dr. Raj Verma Sinha Assistant Professor 9958309998
Dr. Shweta Assistant Professor 9811637578
Ms. Simmi Valechha Assistant Professor 9312384890
Dr. Alka Saharan Assistant Professor 9968475365

DEPARTMENT of Physical Education and Sports

Ms. O. P. Padma Associate Professor9350026965
Dr. Amita Rana Associate Professor9811803652


Dr. Pratibha Jolly (Principal) Associate Professor9811600386
Dr. Kamlesh Gupta Associate Professor9810907702
Dr. Usha Malik Associate Professor9899645058
Dr. Saroj Mahajan Associate Professor9871574422
Dr. Rita Chandra Associate Professor9312643507
Dr. Mallika Verma Associate Professor9811143326
Dr. Rashmi Rakshit Associate Professor9899235602
Dr. Sanju Assistant Professor 9911028673
Dr. Vandana Verma Assistant Professor 9212215388
Dr. Abha Dev Habib Assistant Professor 9818383074
Ms. N. Bilasini Devi Assistant Professor 9911068681
Dr. Monika Tomar Assistant Professor 9871346452
Ms. Sumana Devi Assistant Professor 9717533295
Dr. Charu Goel Assistant Professor 9810505813

DEPARTMENT of Political Science

Dr. Urvashi Dhamija Associate Professor9818000225
Dr. Jayashree Pillai Associate Professor9818194505
Dr. Purnima Roy Associate Professor 27662187
Ms. Bijaylaxmi Nanda Assistant Professor 9891443469
Ms. Krishna Kusuma Subha Assistant Professor 9810755819
Dr. Namrata Singh Assistant Professor 9868517277
Ms. Hena Singh Assistant Professor 9891614342
Ms. Pushpa Kumari Assistant Professor 9810930715
Ms. Shruti Sharma Assistant Professor 9818228247

DEPARTMENT of Sanskrit

Dr. Shraddha Shukla Associate Professor9868103486
Dr. Rekha Arora Associate Professor9873579700
Dr. Meena Kumari Assistant Professor 9873133384
Ms. Seema Rani Assistant Professor 9999847810
Ms. Madhu Assistant Professor 9891608292

DEPARTMENT of Sociology

Dr. Dinaz Mirchandani Associate Professor 65747554
Dr. Reema Bhatia Associate Professor9899277300
Ms. Avantika Berwa Assistant Professor 9891417958
Dr. Mahuya Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor 9811388306


Dr. Vijaylaxmi Rajaram Associate Professor9910638506


Dr. Tanima K. Bose Associate Professor9871040959
Dr. Vimal Thareja Associate Professor9810856678
Dr. Nisha Vashishta Assistant Professor 9968263243
Dr. Rekha Kumari Assistant Professor 9811777353
Dr. Jyoti Arora Assistant Professor 9811581771
Dr. Sadhna Sharma Assistant Professor 9810936017
Ms. Anjana Singha Assistant Professor 9910720094
Ms. Monika Sharma Assistant Professor 9810328386


Ms. Anuradha Mathur Librarian 9717200188

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Dr. Adarsh Gulati
Vice Principal
Miranda House, University of Delhi
Delhi 110 007

Administrative Staff

Dr. Adarsh Gulati Vice Principal 9871278980
Ms. Lalita Dhar Bursar 9811266030
Mr. P. K. Mohanty Administrative Officer 9868266793
Mr. R. N. Sharma Section Officer (Administration) 9868814758
Mr. D.B. Thapa Section Officer (Accounts) 9968267443
Ms. Anuradha Sinha Librarian 9717200188