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Kalindi College

Dr. Anula Maurya (Principal)
College Address East Patel Nagar,
New Delhi-110008
4th Alumni Meet
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College Phone 25787604
College Fax 25782505
          Kalindi College

About College

Kalindi College, one of the prestigious institutions of Delhi University, was founded in 1967. The College imparts quality education to nearly 2000 students. Trying to cater to the needs of contemporary times, the College offers various professional courses. Students secure positions in the Merit List of the University. The College is constantly working for education and empowerment of girls particularly from the underprivileged section of the society.

Governing Body

Faculty Members

Department of Botany
Dr. Anjana Nanchal Botany- Embryology histochemchemistry of Angiosperm plants.
Ms. Kalpana Kumari kalpana082008@gmail.com Environmental management.
Dr. Divya V. Rohilla divyrohilla@yahoo.co.in
Department of Chemistry
Ms. Janak Mangal Physical Chemistry
Dr. Aprajita Gaur aprajitagaur@gmail.com
Dr. Renu Bala Organic Chemistry
Dr Shilpika Bali Mehta shilp41@yahoo.com Organic Chemistry
Department of Commerce
Dr. Anjula Bansal Financial Actg. , Corporate Actg.
Ms. Poonam Sachdeva Income tax laws, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting
Dr. Naina Hasija nainahasija@hotmail.com Taxation & Management
Ms. Kavita Sangari Marketing law
Ms. Anupama Financial, Fin. Acets, Corporate law
Ms. Anita Verma vermas_67@gmail.com Accounting, Finance
Ms. Rajni groverrajni2@gmail.com Marketing and Finance
Department of Computer Science
Dr. Vandana Gupta write2vgupta@rediffmail.com
Ms. Shalini Sharma shalinisharma@rediffmail.com
Ms. Nidhi Arora nidhiarora1@hotmail.com
Ms. Sweety
Department of Economics
Ms. Saroj Chawla
Ms. Anjali Gupta
Ms. Indu Chaudhry induchy@rediffmail.com
Dr. Punam Tyagi punamtyagi01@gmail.com Demography
Department of English
Ms. N.Chandra
Ms. I.B.Arora
Ms. D.Bhoumik Indian literature –language literature & culture
Ms. Chaity Das chaity.das@gmail.com
Ms. Monica Zutshi monicazutshi@yahoo.com Area of interest- Postcolonial studies
Department of Geography
Ms. Seema Sehdev seemasahdev@yahoo.com Geography
Department of History
Ms. M.B.Mathur Modern Indian History
Ms. S.Sandhir sushma_sandhir@yahoo.co.in Modern India
Dr. Saroj Dutta dr.sarojdutta@gmail.com Ancient India
Dr. Anajli Malik anjalimalik@hotmail.com Ancient Indian History
Dr. Rini Pundir rinipundir@rediffmail.com Medieval Indian History
Dr. Garima Prakash dr_garimaprakash@hotmail.com
Department of Hindi
Ms. Anshu Mala Kumar Hindi Natak
Dr. Anita Gupta Hindi Basha Vigyan
Lt. Cdr. Arti Singh Riti Kavya Dhara
Ms. Manju Gaur Hindi Natak
Ms. Mohini Srivastava
Ms. Rekha Meena
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Neera Bahadur nerabahadur@yahoo.com Differentiable manifolds and Riemanniour Geometry
Dr. Sudha jain drsudhajain02@yahoo.com Special funtion
Ms. Anshu Chotani Dpenator theory
Ms. Neelam Baraja Operator theory
Ms. Charu Khanna khannasukriti@yahoo.com Operator theory
Ms. Anju Gupta anjugupta@rediffmail.com
Ms. Anju Rattan Functional analysis
Department of Music
Ms. Renu Gupta
Department of Physics
Dr. Rachna Kumar rachnakumar@gmail.com
Dr. Pushpa Bindal pushpabindal@rediffamil.com Fibre Integrated optics
Dr. Sudha Gulati sudhagulati@gmail.com
Dr. Seema Gupta seema1g@yahoo.in
Dr. Savita Roy sav1roy@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Monica Bassi drmonikabassi123@yahoo.co.in Electronics
Dr. Punita Verma p.verma@gsi.de p.verma.du@gmail.com Acieration based experimental atomic physics
Department of Physical Education
Ms. Santosh Arora Organisation & officiating, Volley ball
Department of Political Science
Dr. Sharda Jain shardajain1@rediffmail.com IR, UN,
Dr. Sita Kaushik sitakaushik@yahoo.co.ina> 9GP, CNI, Reading Gandhi
Dr. Anjoo Sharma
Dr. Ruchi Tyagi ruchityagi@hotmail.com Indian Political thought, Indian Government & Policies
Ms. Sunita sunitamangla@gmail.com Western Political though, Comparating govt. and Policies.
Dr. Sangita Dhal sangitadhal@hotmail.com Public Administration, Citizenship in globalising world
Ms. Anita Tagore anita_tagore@yahoo.com
Ms. Meena Anand meena2882@yahoo.com Reading Gandhi, Indian Govt. & Policies (IGP)
Mr. Nitin Malhotra
Department of Sanskrit
Dr. Kum Kum Jindal Poetry
Dr. Madhu Sharma madhusharma2634@gmail.com Poetic, Malay studies, Indian culture, ancients
Dr. Nisha Goel Prose, Vyakaran
Ms. Harvinder Kaur
Department of Zoology
Ms. Ranjana Malik
Dr. Arun Malhotra arun_kalindi@yahoo.co.in Cell and Molecular Biology
Ms. Karnika Gaur Taneja karnika75@yahoo.com karnikagt@gmail.com Library

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Ms. Seema Sahdev Assistant Professor

Administrative Staff

Sh. Hemant Srivastava S.O. Admn. 9891345431
Sh. J.K.Lumb S.O. Accounts 27564206, 9899817460 jkldelhi@gmail.com