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Dr (Mrs) Ranjana Mahna (Principal)
College Address F-4, Hauz Khas Enclave
New Delhi-110016
College Phone 26532402
College Fax 26510606, 46018108
          Institute of Home Economics

About College

The Institute of Home Economics is a constituent college of the University of Delhi since 1969. It was founded in 1961 by Dr Mrs S Malhan, the founder Director, to satisfy the growing urge of contemporary women for wider educational and professional avenues. Since then, the institute has expanded enormously. The college offers undergraduate courses in Home Science (Pass and Hons) with specializations in Food and Nutrition, Fabric and Apparel science, Communication and Extension, Human development and Resource Management. Undergraduate courses are also offered in Microbiology (Hons.) and Biochemistry (Hons.) and a four year integrated course in Elementary Education. The institute also offers post-graduate programmes and Ph.D. Master’s programme is offered in Food and Nutrition as well as Fabric and Apparel Science. The college also offers Post graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition and in Health and Social Gerontology. Located in sylvan surroundings in the heart of South Delhi, the college is right on the metro route map. The spacious building offers a serene, peaceful and stimulating environment for the students. The college has state-of-the-art infrastructure, computerized library services, fully automated and integrated academic and administrative operations, and intranet and Internet facilities. The combined excellence of educational curriculum as well as commitment of a highly qualified and experienced faculty has enabled the college to establish as a leading centre for women's education. The students are provided with opportunities for academic excellence and cultural enrichment to enable them to build a multi-faceted personality to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Governing Body

Shri S.S.Kohli (Chairperson) 26964790, 42351477

Faculty Members

Department of Biology

Mrs. R. Karkhanis Associate Professor 26032911 rajnikarkharnis@rediffmail.com
Dr. Rachna Kapila Associate Professor 26311246, 9810013966 rachna_kapila@hotmail.com

Department of Food and Nutrition

Dr.Santosh Jain Passi Directoe (Offtg) 9810985719 s_j_passi@hotmail.com
Mrs. Sharda Gupta Associate Professor 28722486, 9811386774
Dr. Ranjana Mahna Associate Professor 41014750, 9811776469 mahnaranjana@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Seema Puri Associate Professor 9810003220, 26566415 seemapuri@hotmail.com
Dr. Tejmeet Rekhi Associate Professor 26140968, 9810066220 trekhi1@hotmail.com
Ms. Shipra Gupta Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale) 26971227, 9810314207 shipra8874@hotmail.com
Dr. Bani Tamber Aeri Assistant Professor 26317726, 9810271147 baniaeri@yahoo.co.in
Mrs. Archana Bhagat Assistant Professor 26124123, 9810703725 bhagatarchana@gmail.com
Dr. Rajni  Chopra Assistant Professor 9810593838, 9313693156 rajnichopra145@gmail.com
Ms. Deepshikha Assistant Professor 65937899, 9717107702 deepshikha.deepa@gmail.com

Department of Fabric and Apparel Science

Mrs. Shashi Chowdhary Associate Professor 29838401, 9910237212 sashi.chowdhry2007@rediffmail.com
Dr. Chitra Arora Associate Professor 9810312758 drchitraarora@yahoo.com
Dr. Chanchal Associate Professor 9818513432 chanchal_dagur@yahoo.co.in
Mrs. Bela Kapoor Senior Lecturer in Selection Grade 9810093765 belakapoor@hotmail.com
Dr. Charu Gupta Associate Professor 26963029, 9810404641 Charu293@yahoo.co.in
Mrs. Jyoti Chhabra Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale) 9999148482, 9810040493 jyotismail@yahoo.com
Dr. Jyoti Aggarwal Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale) 9810690480 jyotiagg123@hotmail.com
Ms. Meena Batham Assistant Professor 971818376724 ranibatham2001@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Amita Walia Assistant Professor 26962380, 9811201536 dr.amitawalia@gmail.com

Department of Human Development

Dr. Renu Gulati Associate Professor 26191167, 9650193024 drrenugulati@gmail.com
Dr. Poonam Scahdev Associate Professor 26149790, 9910107765 poonamsachdev@gmail.com
Dr. Mila Tuli Associate Professor 27425497, 27461099, 9811106511 milatuli@gmail.com
Dr. Geeta Chopra Associate Professor 40554665, 9811222254 drgeeta_chopra@yahoo.com
Ms. Renu Assistant Professor 9211668454 renu.b.ed@gmail.com
Dr  Veenu Wadhwa Assistant Professor 9810303413 veenu_w1@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Bhavna Negi Assistant Professor 9810347914 n_bhavna2004@yahoo.co.in

Department of Resource Management

Dr. Renu Arora Associate Professor 46698781, 9810292492 renuarora59@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Poonam Magu Associate Professor 9810927661 pmagu_65@yahoo.com
Ms. Pratima Singh Assistant Professor 0120-2899955, 9891265422 pratima_lic@hotmail.com
Mrs. Meghna Assistant Professor 0120-4159069, 9958512283 meghnasharma77@yahoo.co.in

Department of Communication and Extension

Dr. Geeta Punhani Associate Professor 46016588, 9868255955 spunhani@hotmail.com
Dr. Parveen Pannu Associate Professor 47028329, 9868243220 parveen.pannu@yahoo.com
Dr. Savita Aggarwal Associate Professor 26148615, 9871054494 savitaaggarwal@gmail.com
Ms. Yuki Azaad Assistant Professor 9818927917 yukiazad@gmail.com
Ms. Neeti Vaid Assistant Professor 25833467, 9891857773 shellydatt@gmail.com

Department of Biochemistry

Dr. S.T. Vij Associate Professor 23917724,  9818349632 sus_tan@hotmail.com
Dr. Geeta Trilok Kumar Associate Professor 40550766, (O)- 42654854,
9810274830, 9650559995
Dr. Archana Burman Associate Professor 41854659, 9910237293 archanaburman@hotmail.com

Department of Microbiology

Dr. Sunita Aggarwal Associate Professor 26495452, 9868807009 pramodkaggarwal@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Arti Nigam Associate Professor 9971364923 artinigam_68@yahoo.co.in
Mrs. Nikita Nagpal Senior Lecturer in Selection Grade 95120-4250759,  9871367069 rajkumar.nagpal@gmail.com
Ms. Sonia Choudhary Assistant Professor 9899949460
Dr. Ashima Vohra Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale) 27243719, 9811642765 vohra_ashi@yahoo.co.in

Department of English

Mrs. Anita George Associate Professor 4016475, 9810881643 alext_george@yahoo.com

Department of Physiology and Promotive Health

Dr. Manjula Suri Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale) 27012348, 27022341, 9313635903 mnjlsuri@yahoo.com

Department of Physical Education

Dr. Namita Saini Associate Professor 9818609322 drnamitasaini@rediffmail.com

Department of Elementary Education

Ms. Suneeta Mishra AssistantProfessor 9971423843 soni_76@rediffmail.com
Mrs. Nidhi Gulati Assistant Professor 9971067999 nidhi.a.gulati@gmail.com
Mrs. Jyoti Dalal Assistant Professor 9311433343 jyoti.ihe@gmail.com
Ms. Sharmila Rathee Assistant Professor 9718550480 sharmilarathee@gmail.com
Mrs. Mamta Singhal Assistant Professor 9818614138 mamta.ihe@gmail.com
Mrs. Ruchira Das Assistant Professor 9899778064 ruchira79@gmail.com

Department of Library

Pramod Professional Assistant

Anita Tikko Semi-professional Assistant


Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered

B.Sc. Home Science (Pass)
B.Sc. (Hons) Bio-Chemistry
B.Sc. (Hons) Home Science
B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology
Bachelor of Elementary Education
M.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science
M.Sc. Food & Nutrition
Ph.D. Home Science
P.G. Diploma Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition
P. G. Diploma Health and Social Gerontology


Dr. (Mrs.) Renu Arora Associate Professor, Institute of Home Economics

Administrative Staff

Ms Rekha Nair

Section Officer (Administration)


Mr. Gopal Singh



Mrs Kavita Tripathi

Senior Personal Assistant


Mrs Rashmi Saxena



Ms Seema



Mr Arvind Kaul



Mr Surinder Kumar



Mr Gurpreet Singh