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Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

Dr. G.K. Arora (Principal)
College Address Main Wazirabad Road,
Near Yamuna Vihar,
College Phone 22814126
College Fax 22814747
          Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

About College

Bhim Rao Ambedkar College came into existence in 1991 during the birth centenary year of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. It is a constituent college of the University of Delhi sponsored by Delhi Government. As a co-educational institution, it is maintaining its incessant momentum on the path of progress ever since its inception in academic and extra-curricular fields. The Principal and the staff have dedicated themselves to place the college firmly on its pioneering tracks, preparing students for their fruitful and responsible future.

Governing Body

Mr. Shiv Nath Sharma (Chairperson)

Faculty Members

Department of Business Economics

Dr. Usha Gupta Associate Professor 9810205675 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Rakesh Shahani Associate Professor 9868026279 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Pratibha Verma Associate Professor 41354830 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Lalit Kumar Assistant Professor 9811197931 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Sunita Chaki Assistant Professor 9810446649 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Commerce

Dr. R.B. Solanki Associate Professor 9810409105 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Neelam Gupta Associate Professor 9910146009 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Associate Professor 9810423958 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr.  Mamta Associate Professor 9871114355 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Poonam Mittal Associate Professor 9811077565 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Nishi Sharma Associate Professor 9891377550 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Neetu Associate Professor 9910059500 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Sujit Kumar Associate Professor 20054802 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. K. M. Bansal Associate Professor 9810117278 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Tanmay Panda (Dep) Associate Professor 9868800965 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. D. K. Pandeya Associate Professor 9871411184 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Deepali Jain Associate Professor 9811949193 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Diljeet Kaur Assistant Professor 9811592966 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Seema Sodhi Associate Professor 9891671747 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. M. P. Meena Assistant Professor 9868651634 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Ajoy Prasad Assistant Professor 9810427049 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Arti Dhingra Assistant Professor 9910207652 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Purshottam Assistant Professor 9910056690 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Anish Gupta Assistant Professor 9868959965 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Sangeeta Verma OMSP Instructor 9312651922 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Mohnish Kumar(Temp) Assistant Professor 9910848213 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Economics

Dr. Sonia Aggarwal Associate Professor 9873452134 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Harish Associate Professor 9810023803 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Surbhi G.Garg Assistant Professor 9871079958 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Narender Thakur Assistant Professor 9818161363 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of English

Dr. Pramila Batra Associate Professor 9971424689 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. C.P. Sharma Associate Professor 9871624448 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Manju Ailawadhi Associate Professor 9213434752 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Archana Mathur Associate Professor 9911140008 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Sunita Malik Associate Professor 9873015929 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Associate Professor 9868152603 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. N. Victoria Chanu Assistant Professor 9891979365 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Tamal Dasgupta   9999292586 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Geography

Dr. Ramashray Prasad(O.L) Associate Professor 9868593193 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Rameshwar Thakur Associate Professor 9868481042 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. R.N. Dubey Associate Professor 9868583525 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Jitender Saroha Associate Professor 9811453731 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. M S Kadayan Associate Professor 9871510591 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Monica Ahlawat Assistant Professor 9811588626 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Sibabrata Das Assistant Professor 9868651728 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Tulika Sanadhya Assistant Professor 9891013364 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Md. Riyazuddin Khan Assistant Professor 9868077573 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Kanika(Temp) Assistant Professor 9873645895 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Hindi

Dr. M. S. Vats Associate Professor 9868726525 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. (Ms.) Mamta Associate Professor 9810742626 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. (Mrs.) Chitra Rani Associate Professor 9818880325 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Rajni Associate Professor 9811795295 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Associate Professor 9968044903 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Neerav Adalja Associate Professor 9968008007 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Bijender Kumar Associate Professor 9312403164 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr.(Mrs.) Shashi Rani Associate Professor 9810709922 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. R P Dwivedi Associate Professor 9868068787 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. P K Singh Assistant Professor 9213901044 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Om Mishra Assistant Professor 9971388206 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Assistant Professor 9968456688 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Rajbir Vats Assistant Professor 9968141409 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Kusum Nehra  Assistant Professor 9868884998 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of History

Dr. S.S. Chawla Associate Professor 9868179958 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Jaya Varma Associate Professor 9899280936 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Sanjay Sharma Assistant Professor 9810575333 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Sarla D Bhardwaj Associate Professor 9810428322 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Tajinder Pal Singh Associate Professor 9868344936 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Political Science

Dr. Rajesh Upadhyaya Associate Professor 9868538954 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Nalin Kumar Associate Professor 9891463008 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Anita Srivastava Associate Professor 9811860862 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Navin Kumar Assistant Professor 9213399438 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr Arvind Yadav Assistant Professor 9810714856 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Ritu Wadahawan Assistant Professor 9873154451 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Ravi Shankar Assistant Professor 9868632057 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Indiwar Misra Assistant Professor 9811387420 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Malinee Priya Assistant Professor 9968467282 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Sanskrit

Dr. Anula Maurya (O.L) Associate Professor 9810353171 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Social Work

Dr. Kalpana Goel (O.L) Associate Professor 9891189179 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. V.P. Singh Associate Professor 9868031260 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Avtar Singh Assistant Professor 9868113092 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Richa Chowdhary Associate Professor 9868819799 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Abraham P.F. (O.L.) Assistant Professor 9818230824 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mrs. Sangeeta Dhaor Assistant Professor 9911875003 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Atul Pratap Singh Assistant Professor 9868981107 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Mohd. Shahid Assistant Professor 9958222106 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Tushti Bhardwaj Assistant Professor 9711474047 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Bishnu Mohan Dash Assistant Professor 9811438177 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Dr. Ravindera Singh Assistant Professor 9999570108 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Ms. Meenu Anand(Temp) Assistant Professor 9810207733 info@brambedkarcollege.org
Mr. Farukh Faheem(Temp) Assistant Professor 9899184728 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Department of Physical Education

Dr. K. K. Sharma Assistant Professor 9718964963 info@brambedkarcollege.org

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Dr. M. S. Vats PIO 9868726525
Mrs. Rama Soin Assistant PIO 9868183503
Dr. Ravindra Singh
Assistant PIO

Administrative Staff

Dr. S. S. Chawla Bursar 9868179958
Mr. Ram Kumar Sr. P.A. to Principal 9810485929
Mr. Jogender Singh Section Officer (Accounts) 9999591337
Sh. Anil Kumar Cashier 9013057477
Dr. Om Mishra Equal Opportunity Cell Coordinator 9971388206
Dr. Atul Pratap Singh NSS Programme Officer 9868981107
Dr. Rajbir Vats NCC Caretaker (Army Wing) 9868141409
Dr. Arvind Yadav NCC Caretaker (Navel Wing) 9810714856
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma NCC Caretaker Girl (Army Wing) 9810423958
Mr. Dhananjay Kumar SC/ST Liaison Officer 9968456688
Dr. Atul Pratap singh Anti-tobacco Brigade 9868981107