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Prof. S.C. Bhatla (Head)
College Address University of Delhi,

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Honorable Vice Chancellor – Professor Dinesh Singh inaugurates newly established major facilities in the Department of Botany
August 29, 2013
College Phone 27667573, 27667725 Ext. 1420
College Fax 27667829


Faculty Members


Agrawal, Prof. Veena +91-11-27666802 drveena_du@yahoo.co.in
Babbar, Prof. S. B. +91-11-27666708(Telefax) babbars@rediffmail.com
Bhatla, Prof. Satish C.   bhatlasc@gmail.com
Bhatnagar, Prof. Ashok +91-11-27667725 Extn. 1425 akbhatnagar49@gmail.com
Geeta, Prof. R. +91 11 2766 7573 rgeeta@botany.du.ac.in
Kottapalli, Prof. Sreenivasa Rao +91-11-27667525 ext 1429 srkottapalli@botany.du.ac.in, srkottapalli@yahoo.com
Kumar, Prof. Amar +91-11-27662609 akumar23j@gmail.com, akumar@botany.du.ac.in
Lakhanpaul, Prof. Suman   Slp2001@yahoo.com
Pandey, Prof. Arun K. +91-11-27667486 arunkpandey@botany.du.ac.in;arunpandey79@gmail.com
Sahoo, Prof. Dinabandhu +91-11-27666792 dbsahoo@hotmail.com
Singh, Prof. Vedpal +91-11-27667725 / Extn. 1432, vpsingh–biology@rediffmail.com

Associate Professors

Agarwal, Dr. Manu +91-11-27662609 agarwalm71@gmail.com
Bhat, Dr. Vishnu +91-11-27662091 bhatv64@rediffmail.com; vbhat@botany.du.ac.in
Deswal, Dr. Renu   rdeswal@botany.du.ac.in, renudeswal @yahoo.co.in
Goel, Dr. Shailendra +91-11-27662609 shailendragoel@yahoo.com
Jagannath, Dr. Arun +91-11-27662609 jagannatharun@yahoo.co.in
Leighton, Dr. Sudeshna Mazumdar +91-11-27662682 smazumdar@botany.du.ac.in
Tandon, Dr. Rajesh   jtnd@rediffmail.com, tandon.raj@gmail.com
Uniyal, Dr. Prem Lal +91-11-27666231 uniyalpl@rediffmail.com

Assistant Professors

Baishya, Dr. Ratul +91-11-27667573 rbaishyadu@gmail.com
Das, Dr. Sandip +91-11-27667573 sdas@botany.du.ac.in; sandipdas04@gmail.com
Kapoor, Dr. Rupam   kapoor_rupam@yahoo.com
Mishra, Dr. Girish +91-11-27667573 girishmishra@yahoo.com
Mudgil, Dr. Yashwanti   ymudgil@gmail.com
Panjabi, Dr. Priya   ppriyagen@yahoo.com
Seth, Dr. C. S. 27667573 seth_bhu@yahoo.co.in

Courses Offered

Ph.D. Botany
M.Phil. Botany
M.Sc. Botany


Courses offered



Cut-off marks (2009-2010)

M. Sc.

B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany/B.Sc. (H) Biological Science (3Years Course after 10+2) from Delhi University or any other University whose examination is recognized as equivalent to University of Delhi and fulfil other conditions of eligibility. 50% or above marks in aggregate & 50% or above marks in Botany.
B.Sc. (Genl.)/B.Sc. (Pass)/B.Sc. Life Science (3 Years course after 10+2) from Delhi University or any other University whose Examination is recognized as equivalent to Delhi University and fulfil other conditions of eligibility. 60% or above marks in aggregate and 60% or above marks in Botany.
Through merit and entrance test  MERIT General-748/1000
OBC-641/1000 ENTRANCE General-96

M. Phil.

M. Sc. BotanyThrough interview 

Ph. D.

M. Sc. BotanySee ordinance VI B 

Time Table

Research/Project Activities

Title of the Project

Name of PI/Co PI

Funding Agency

Modulation of plant morpho genetic responses by local anaesthetics: modeling root differentiation in Vigna mungoProf. S.K. SawhneyUniversity of Delhi
Studies on Reproductive Biology, Genetic Diversity and Eco-physiology of some Mangroves in India
Prof. A. K.
Ministry of
Environment &
Forests, New
Cost-effective In Vitro Protocol Development and Mass Propagation of Commercial and Endangered OrchidsProf. I. Usha RaoDepartment of
New Delhi
Mechanisms of lipolytic activity during seed development and seed germination in sunflowerProf. S. C. BhatlaCSIR
Production of Gynogenic haploids of selected female and male clones and reproductive biology of MulberryProf. S. B.
Department of
New Delhi
Barcoding of Selected Species of Dendrobium, an Orchid, for Checking the Applicability of the Concept to PlantsProf. S. B. BabbarDepartment of Biotechnology
Evaluation of antagonistic Gliocladium virens against some tropical pathogenic Fusarium forbiological controlProf. V. P.
Database on forest and agricultural ecosystems dynamics along an altitudinal transect in Garhwal HimalayaProf. K. S. RaoDepartment of Science and Technology
Cultural landscapes: The basis for linking biodiversity conservation with sustainable development in Arunachal Pradesh Prof. K. S. RaoMacArthur Foundation, USA through UNESCO, New Delhi
Conservation and sustainable management of below-ground biodiversity (CSM-BGBD)Prof. K.S. RaoGlobal Environment Facilitythrough TSBF Institute of CIAT, Nairobi
Molecular systematic study of Aralia L. in India using ITS sequences of nuclear
ribosomal DNA
Prof. Arun
Kumar Pandey
Taxonomic studies on the genus Duhaldea (Asteraceae) in IndiaProf. Arun
Kumar Pandey
R&D Project
Developmental Biology and Phylogenetic analysis of some endemic species of PodostemaceaeProf. Arun
Kumar Pandey
Molecular aspects of potato tuberizationProf. Amar Kumar 
Molecular aspects of plant-nematode interactionProf. Amar Kumar 
Plant retrotransposon biology and genome evolutionProf. Amar Kumar 
Genetic improvement of safflowerProf. Amar KumarDU
Systematics and evolution of Dioscorea: evolution of leaf form and developmentProf. R. Geeta   
Biodiversity and in vitro selection of Psoralea cordylifolia plants yielding high content of anticancerous bioactive compounds genistein, diadzein and psoralen (2007-2010)Prof. Veena
Survey of North Indian Medicinal plants for their larvicidal activity against malaria and filarial vectorsProf. Veena
Development of Tissue culture protocol for mass propagation using elite Jatropha line & their biochemical evaluation Prof. Veena
National Oilseeds and
Vegetable Oils
Board Major
Research Project
Study of diversity ecology and biology of marine algae of Andaman and Nicobar IslandsDr. D. B. SahooDepartment of
Culture and cultivation of some economically important seaweeds of Indian coasts.Dr. D. B. SahooBiotech Pvt.
Ltd. New Delhi  
Seed production through protoplast isolation and tissue culture of some economically important seaweeds of Indian coasts.Dr D. B. SahooDepartment of
New Delhi
Molecular cloning of Cold binding Factors in tomato: Over-expression and purification to raise antibodies.Dr. Renu DeswalDefense Research Development Organization
Nitric oxide signalling during Bryophyllum bud differentiation.  Dr. Renu DeswalUniversity
Proteomics approach for partial characterization of S-nitrosoproteome of Brassica juncea and to study the expression of major S- nitrosylated proteins under abiotic and nitrosative stress conditions.Dr. Renu DeswalCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi
Comparison of CBF mediated signaling in two LT tolerant and two LT sensitive crops.Dr. Renu DeswalDepartment of Science and Technology
A genomics and proteomics approach to identify, characterizes, clone and over-express Seabuckthorn antifreeze proteins (AFPs) for crop improvement and food industry.Dr. Renu DeswalDepartment of Biotechnology
To understand the nature of diversity of lac insects of Kerria spp. In India and the nature of insect× host interactionDr. Suman LakhanpaulNAIP(World Bank through ICAR)
Programme support in restoration ecologyDr. Suman LakhanpaulDepartment of Biotechnology
Biochemical and molecular characterization of the elected host plants of lac insect (Kerria lacca)Dr. Suman LakhanpaulDepartment of
New Delhi
Assessment of ….….Hyderabad (2004-2008)  Dr S. Mazumdar-Leighton (PI)Department of Biotechnology
Restoration program (Ongoing)Dr S. Mazumdar-Leighton (Co-PI)Department of Biotechnology
Reproductive biology of some Traditional Indian medicinal plantsDr. Rajesh TandonDepartment of Science and Technology
Isolation of sex linked genes and gender specific DNA markers in Hippophae rhamnoides.  Dr. Rajesh Tandon
Department of
New Delhi
Genetic Transformation of pearl millet with a synthetic homolog of MEGININ2 gene and evaluation of the transgenic plants for resistance to downy mildew. Dr. Rajesh Tandon
Board of Research in Nuclear Science,
Department of
Government of
Map based cloning of genes controlling Dept. of Biotechnology apomixis in C.ciliaris and their validation using RNAi approachDr. Vishnu Bhat (PI)Dept. of Biotechnology
Induction of apomixis in sorghum by down-regulation of somatic bryogenesis
receptor kinase (SERK) gene in the ovules
Dr. Vishnu Bhat (PI)ICAR, New Delhi
Molecular markers & descriptor development in tea.Dr. Vishnu Bhat (PI)Department of Biotechnology
Molecular characterization of genes associated with apomixis in Cenchrus ciliarisDr. Vishnu Bhat (PI) Department of Biotechnology
Identification of ovule/ embryosac specific promoters and their validation in transgenic CenchrusDr. Vishnu Bhat (PI)Department of Science and Technology
Towards the biodiesel in Jatropha curcas.Dr. Shailendra GoelDefence Research Development Organization
Profiling of small RNAs unique to Apomictic addition lines in Pennisetum glauicum through the subtractive small RNA libraryDr. Shailendra GoelDepartment of Biotechnology
Isolation of sex linked genes and gender specific DNA markers in Hippophae rhamnoidesDr. Shailendra GoelDepartment of Biotechnology
Molecular markers and descriptor development in teaDr. Shailendra GoelDepartment of Biotechnology
Genetic improvement of safflowerDr. Shailendra GoelDST-DU PURSE GRANT
Identification, characterization and validation of candidate genes influencing seed size in Brassica juncea (Indian mustard)Dr. Arun JagannathDepartment of Biotechnology
Transgenic approaches for resistance to mustard aphids (Satellite project in Centre of Excellence awarded to University of Delhi South Campus) University of Delhi South Campus)Dr. Arun JagannathDepartment of Biotechnology    
Genetic improvement of safflowerDr. Arun JagannathDST-DU PURSE GRANT
Development and stress specific genomics of small non-coding RNAs in Brassica sps., rice and wheatDr. Manu AggarwalDepartment of Biotechnology
Transgenic approaches for frost resistance in mustardDr. Manu AggarwalDepartment of Biotechnology
Profiling of small RNAs unique to Apomictic addition lines in Pennisetum glaucum through Subtractive small RNA libraryDr. Manu Aggarwal
Department of Biotechnology
Mycorrhizal Technology to Enhance the Survival Growth and Production of Active Principles in Three Medicinal Plants of High Economic ValueDr. Rupam Kapoor Department of Science and Technology
Effect of enhanced CO2 on some important plant diseases of IndiaDr. Rupam Kapoor MoEF
Genetic improvement of safflowerDr. Rupam Kapoor DST-DU PURSE GRANT
Cost effective Glomus fasciculatum Formulation to Improve the Yield of Three Commercially Important Medicinal Plants- Artemisia annua, Stevia rebaudiana and Andrographis paniculataDr. Rupam Kapoor Department of Biotechnology
Trait manipulation using miRNA genes in BrassicaDr. Sandip Das 
Biochemical and functional characterization of NDL proteins in plantsDr. Yashwanti Mudgil 

Post Doctoral students/Research Associates/Teaching Assistants




Contact details

Dr. Anjuli Sood Research Associate Department of Botany
University of Delhi
Delhi- 110 007
Dr. D. P. Semwal Research Associate Department of Botany
University of Delhi
Delhi- 110 007
Heikham Evelin Teaching Assistant Dr. Rupam Kapoor Applied Mycology Laboratory
Department of Botany
University of Delhi
Delhi – 110 007
Shweta Subramaniam Teaching Assistant Prof. A.K. Pandey Department of Botany
University of Delhi
Delhi – 110 007
Ankita Teaching Assistant Dr. Renu Deswal Department of Botany
University of Delhi Delhi- 110 007

Student Strength


Student strength


M. Sc. M. Sc. Previous-65
M. Sc. Final -55
M. Phil. 15
Ph. D. 89

Facilities/Major lab Equipments along with supervisory staff


Supervisory staff

Hybridization oven Mr.  M.K. Raheja
Mrs. Neena
Gel dryer with pump
-80C deep freezer
High speed centrifuge
Gel documentation system
Temperature-controlled incubator shaker
Ice-flaker machine
Fluorescence microscope
Water purification system
Micropipette sets
Refrigerated microfuge
Micro- and macro- weighing balances
Refrigerated water baths
Speed vac
Gel dryer
UV transilluminator
Gel electrophoresis units (horizontal)
Electrophoresis power supplies
PCR machines
Arabidopsis growth room
Tissue culture chamber
AV systems
Xeroxing machine
Nikon microscopes and Olympus binoculars
Projection systems for above microscopes
Cargo van
Cold Room
Luciferase Imaging Camera
HPLC with Column
Real time PCR
Peristaltic Pump
pH Meter
Liquid N2 Containers
-20C freezer
Dry Blocks
Microbalance with open pan
UV torch
Table top centrifuge (Non refrigerated)
Hybridization Oven
Western Blotting unit
2D gel electrophoresis unit
Cool lab
Laminar Flow
BOD Incubator
Incubator Oven (2 high temp, 3 Routine)
Automated soil CO2 flux system
GPS system
Soil Thermometer
Soil Colour Chart
Kjal-dal system digestion unit
GIS package for ecological modeling
Set up of Radioactive Lab
UV cross-linker

Recent and Future Events

  • International workshop on Molecular Systematics of Flowering Plants. October 5-10, 2009.
  • 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Algal Biotechnology. December 1-4, 2009