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Directorate of Hindi Medium Implementation

The Directorate has been involved in publishing books by eminent academics and authors. It has over the years published several books, translations and other material for encouraging the use of Hindi as a language of instruction in several subjects. It has a consultative committee of eminent persons which guide the activities of the Directorate.

प्रकाशन सूची- 2013
21वें विश्व पुस्तक मेले में विमोचित नयी पुस्तकें

पुस्तक मेले में हिंदी माध्यम कार्यान्वयन निदेशालय

Notification regarding promotion of Dr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Director, DHMI as Joint Director, DHMI

For further information contact:

Dr. Asha Gupta
Directorate of Hindi Implementation
University of Delhi
Delhi-110 007.
Phone: 27666839.