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Revised Syllabi (with effect from Academic Session 2019-20)

The Department of Plant Molecular Biology was established in 1988 under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences to cater to the needs of students in frontier areas of plant biology and to carry out research on Molecular Aspects of Plant Biology and Biotechnology. The Department was enriched by merger of the Unit for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology in 1988 (originally established by the DST), and award of COSIST grant by the UGC (1990-1995). The Department has been recognized for Special Assistance Programme (DRS Phase I to Phase III) by the UGC (2002-2018) to strengthen research/teaching in the area of Functional Genomics. Since its establishment in 1988, Professor S.C. Maheshwari (1988-1992), Professor Akhilesh K. Tyagi (1988, 1992-95, 1998-2001), Professor Jitendra P. Khurana (1995-1998, 2001- 2004, 2014 - 2016), Professor Paramjit Khurana (2004 - 2007, 2016- till date), Professor Anil Grover (2007-2010), Professor Indranil Dasgupta (2010 - 2013), and Professor Madan Mohan (2013 - 2014) have served as Heads of the Department.

The research has been supported by major grants in the form of “Centre for Plant Molecular Biology” and “Genome Initiatives on Sequencing, Gene Discovery and Function” by DBT, in addition to other competitive grants from DST, UGC, European Commission and the Rockefeller Foundation. The faculty is involved in multi–institutional as well as international projects. The research has yielded about 750 publications and a few patents have been filed. Efforts of the faculty have been recognized in the form of fellowships to national/international scientific academies and national/international awards. While providing due emphasis for basic research and training, the Department endeavors to convert knowledge into application for human welfare.

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: Prof. Paramjit Khurana




Department of Plant Molecular Biology
University of Delhi South Campus
New Delhi 110021


: 011 91 24115096




Arranged in alphabetical order
Dasgupta, Prof. Indranil 
Grover, Prof. Anil
Kapoor, Prof. Sanjay
Khurana, Prof. Jitendra Paul
Khurana, Prof. Paramjit
Mohan, Prof. Madan
Pandey, Prof. Girdhar Kumar
Sharma, Prof. Arun 
Tyagi, Prof. Akhilesh 
Agarwal, Dr. Surekha Katiyar
Raghuvanshi, Dr. Saurabh

M.Sc. In Plant Molecular Biology

No. of Seats: 12

The M.Sc. Course in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB) at Plant Molecular Biology Department (PMB), University of Delhi South Campus (UDSC) has been designed to expose students to the latest developments in the exciting and burgeoning areas of modern Plant Sciences. This course aims to prepare students to take research in Plant Molecular Biology and allied areas as a possible career option as well as to enable generation of manpower for the emerging Plant Biotechnology industry.

The Course comprises Classroom Teaching, Laboratory Practicals, and Tutorials in the form of Seminars and a Dissertation. Students are offered a total of 10 core, four Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) and one Open Elective Theory papers alongwith three Laboratory Practicals papers. In the fourth semester, every student is given an opportunity to join a research lab to work on unique research problems. The aim of this exercise is to expose our students to rigour of planning, designing and executing the experimental plan for a given research problem, followed by presenting the results in the form of a dissertation.

Admission to M.Sc. Program in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB) involves: a written entrance examination, followed by an interview. Candidates are called for the interview based on performance in written examination and the final selection is based on the combined performance in written exam and the interview. A total of 12 students are selected from general and reserved categories (as per University rules).

For the session starting in July, applications can be submitted through the DU PG Admission Portal by the end of May (Keep a check on DU website for exact dates).

Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology

No. of Seats: Variable (10-15)

Over the years DPMB’s Ph.D. program has produced a number of researchers, teachers and professionals who have had major impact on the area of Plant Science Research and teaching in India and abroad. The DPMB faculty is considered among the best in Plant Biology Research in India.

Moreover, being in the heart of the Capital of India and close proximity of several high ranking University’s and National Institutes involved in Life Science Research, DPMB provides a unique learning experience that extends well beyond the boundaries of laboratories and classrooms.

The Department of Plant Molecular Biology, UDSC invites applications for Full Time Ph.D. programme twice (in June and in December) for a limited number of seats in each academic year. The broad research area offered are: Functional Genomics, Epigenomics, Gene Regulatory Networks, Molecular Basis of Plant Reproduction and Yield, Post-harvest Biotechnology, Abiotic Stress Biology (Heat & Osmotic Stress, Role of Small RNAs, SignalTransduction during stress), Plant Virology, Database Curation and Networking.

For details regarding the eligibility criteria and selection procedure for admission to the DPMB Ph.D. program please refer to the departmental website

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