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Ph.D. Library Information Science

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) 

Objectives of the Course:

(a) Research  in Library problems leading to the Ph.D. degree.

Registration for Ph.D. programme shall be resumed forthwith, in strict accordance with the guidance in the ensuring paragraphs.

 I - Categories of students /researchers who can be registered for Ph.D. 

1. 1 Students in the following categories may be registered provisionally in the Ph.D. programme       through DRC (wherever applicable) and BRS.

A.   Students who are in receipt of any of the following types of fellowships/stipends:
A1   University Teaching Assistantships
A2   JRF through UGC/NET or CSIR/NET
A3   Fellowships of CSIR/ICAR/ICSSR/ICHR/ICMR/DBT/DST or from any other recognised Government         institutions/organizations.
A4   Rajiv Gandhi Fellowships for SC/ST from UGC
A5   SAP fellowships from UGC
A6   Project JRF/Project Assistant
A7   Candidates with UGC (non-NET) fellowships RS.5, 000/-fellowship  under the   new scheme.
B.   Teachers of the University of Delhi and its affiliated colleges. 
C.    Foreign students with their own fellowships