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Research Ordinances and Guidelines

» Notification - Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Education Institution

» Notification - Amendments to Ordinances VI, VI-A and VI-B (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) dated August 9, 2017

» Ordinance VI for the procedures for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree conforms with UGC Gazette Regulations, 2016

     *  Procedure for Ph.D. Submission
     *  Application Form for submission of thesis in the Board of Research Studies for the Humanities. Form1Form2

» Amendment to Ordinance VI-B of the Ordinances of the University related to Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) dated February 12/17, 2016

» UGC-Public-Notice-on-Draft-UGC Regulation 2017 for promotion of academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism in higher educational institutions

» Links to the Ethical guidelines followed by the University of Delhi for Biomedical research with human application; for working with laboratory animals; for radiation safety and for recombinant DNA technology and bio-contaminants are as follows:

     *  Biomedical research with human application:
     *  For working with laboratory animals: Guidelines and Link
     *  For safety in chemical laboratories
     For radiation safety:
     *  For recombinant DNA technology and bio-contaminants

» University Guidelines for Sponsored Research Projects