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M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics)


M.Tech. Programme

The M. Tech. program in microwave electronics is a four semester (two year) program. This program was initially sponsored by Department Of Electronics Govt. of India in 1976. Since then the Department Of Electronic Science, University of Delhi, South Campus has been at the forefront of delivering quality technical education through its M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics) program. This program is designed to provide the students a necessary theoretical background and experimental skill to take on R&D and production responsibilities in challenging scientific environments. In addition, the curriculum is regularly upgraded to groom their student to meet the requirements of industry and R&D laboratories of today. The students gain necessary practical experience in the field of electromagnetic theory, active & passive microwave devices, and microwave communication antenna, computational electromagnetic theory, CAD tools, Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC) etc, through the laboratory work. To fulfill the above objective, the final semester (sem IV) of the program is dedicated to the six months project work (full time) in industry of R&D organizations. It has a well-equipped microwave laboratory with facilities for experimental work at X-band frequencies. The microwave circuits can be fabricated at its microwave integrated circuits (MIC) laboratory. It provides sophisticated equipments such as network analyzers and spectrum analyzers for testing the fabricated components.

Admission for M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics)

Eligibilty Criteria

The eligibility requirements for applying to M.Tech in Microwave Electronics Entrance Test are as follows:
  1. A candidate seeking admission to this course must have passed M.Sc. Electronics or M.Sc. Physics with specialization in Electronics of this University or an equivalent examination of other Universities with at least 60% marks or an equivalent grade.
A candidate seeking admission must have passed B.E. Electrical/Electronics/Electronics and Communication/Instrumentation Engineering from University of Delhi or an equivalent examination of other Universities with at least 60% marks or an equivalent grade.
No of Seats:

M.Tech. (Microwave Electronics) - 26+4(Sponsored Candidates)