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M.Sc. Botany

The M.Sc. course in Botany is designed to provide an enriching experience in botanical and plant sciences by covering a wide range of topics. The admission to master’s programme in Botany is through 2 different modes: merit based and entrance examination. 50% of the available seats are reserved for merit based selection of B.Sc. Botany (Hons) from University of Delhi and 50% through entrance examination. For detailed eligibility conditions refer to the information bulletin.

Duration of the course work: Duration of the course is for 4 semesters. In each of the semester student is required to take 4 papers. Semester I, II and III consists of core papers. In Semester III students also has to choose 1 Open Elective Course from other Departments that are offered. In Semester IV students have to choose any 4 from 8 available options. The top 20% of students in the merit list drawn on the basis of grades/scores obtained in Semester I and II will have an option of opting for Dissertation, which would provide students with the option of research-based specialization in the subject, in lieu of one elective course in Semester IV. This is subject to the limit of one student per teacher who wishes to mentor students during that academic session. At the end of the 4th semester the candidate will submit a dissertation, which will be evaluated by an external examiner along with a presentation and viva-voce examination.

Grading System: The grading in masters programme is based on 1-2 mid-semester examinations and 1 end of the semester examination. The distribution of marks for each paper (except dissertation) is as follows:

Mid-semester examination: 25 marks

End of semester Theory Examination (3 hour duration): 75 marks

End of semester Practical Examination (6 hour duration): 50 marks

Maximum marks for the attendance: 5 marks

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