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M.A. Sociology

M.A. Sociology

The M.A. in Sociology is a two-year, full-time course divided into two parts, consisting of four Semesters. Semester-I and Semester-II will form Part-I and Semester III and Semester IV will form Part-II.

Each student will take a total of 16 courses out of which SOC 101-SOC 108 and SOC 209-SOC 210 will be compulsory. M.A. (Part-I) students will take courses SOC 101-SOC 108 (four in each of Semesters I and II) and M.A. (Part-II) students will take courses SOC 209 and SOC 210 (one each in Semester III and IV). M.A. (Part-II) students will also take six elective courses, including at least four chosen out of Courses SOC 211-SOC 224 (distributed over Semesters III and IV). A student who takes course SOC 219 will be required to choose either course SOC 219(a), SOC 219(b) or SOC 219(c). Each student may take two courses, one in each of Semesters III and IV of M.A. (Part-II), in any other Department of the University. Such courses selected by a student must be of the same weightage as individual courses within the Department.

The Department will announce at least five elective courses to be taught in each of the two semesters making up the M.A. (Part – II) year before the start of the academic year. Generally, an elective course will be taught only if at least five students decide to take the course. Students will be required to convey their selection of particular elective courses by prescribed dates.

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