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Lady Irwin College

Lady Irwin College is a constituent college for women, in University of Delhi,  under the memorandum of Association of The Lady Irwin College Society  vide Regd. Society Registration Act 1860 (Punjab Amdmt.) 1957 Registration No.4163 1969-70) & maintained by the Governing Body & UGC Grants.

LadyIrwinCollege offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in Home Science in accordance with University of Delhi curriculum. It also supports doctoral programs in five areas of Home Science. Other programmes offered are B.Ed. (for students of Home Science), B.Ed Special Education (MR)(For students from all streams) and Postgraduate  Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition.

It aims for holistic development of women students, and their capacity building through carefully designed academic programmes and extramural activities.

The LadyIrwinCollege aphorism is VIDYA HI SEWA.  The teaching learning transactions are true to the motto. Endeavour is to inculcate knowledge in order to serve through carefully designed outreach experiences.

The College has always provided leadership to other institutions in the nation in teaching, research and extension in Home Science, both at central universities and Home Science colleges of agricultural universities.

Lady Irwin College has celebrated 83 years in 2015.The education in this college aims towards capacity building for entrepreneurship, improved quality of life and overall development of the students. It is a nodal and a template institution for Home Science education in the country.

The disciplines in the college are artistic, creative, culturally rooted and contemporary. The programmes are scientifically planned which include education in textile technology, food processing, metabolism, environment, sustainable technologies, food safety, nutrition in health and disease and human development. The focus of college is to have holistic education for the all round development of the students.

High standard of education is maintained with pedagogical strategies and course structuring by the faculty members. The curriculum is internationally competitive. The college hopes to improve the talent and nurture creativity among its students for playing positive role in the society.

Brief history

From a modest beginning with 11 students in 1932, LadyIrwinCollege has provided higher education for generations of women. Well into the eighth decade, the college now has over 1300 students on its records every year. From the initial teaching of a Certificate Course in Home Science, the courses have multiplied, keeping in tune with the times and the changing trends in higher education.

The college has an illustrious ancestry. It was established under the patronage of Lady Dorothy Irwin, by men and women concerned with national issues and the education of women. Among them were the Maharanis of Baroda and Bhopal, Sarojini Naidu, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Annie Besant, Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay, Margaret Cousins and Sir Ganga Ram Kaula to name a few. The college has been a template for over 200 colleges and schools offering the discipline of Home Science in India and neighboring countries, providing guidance in development of curricula, programmes and infrastructure.

The buildings of the college campus have been designed by Sir Walter George and now classified and protected as heritage sites. The college was run under the aegis of All India Women’s Education Fund Association till 1950. It was then affiliated to the University of Delhi and a B.Sc. Home Science degree course was introduced. The college started receiving financial assistance from the University Grants Commission and is continuing to do so. In 1969, the Lady Irwin College Society (Regd.) was established, commensurate with the requirements of DelhiUniversity to serve as the Governing Body of the college.

Over the years, the college has added bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, and facilities for community outreach programmes, inter-college and international exchanges and networking, workshops and seminars, public events, sports and recreation. Since its inception, the staff and students of the college provide research advice and community extension services in nutrition, resource management, human development, and textiles and clothing.

Programmes offered in College

Today Lady Irwin College, a constituent college of Delhi University, has programmes leading to bachelor’s degrees in Home Science, Pass and Honours, Master’s degrees in five areas - Food and Nutrition, Human Development & Childhood Studies, Fabric and Apparel Science, Development Communication & Extension, and Resource Management & Design Application. A Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition. Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Special Education (MR) are also offered. The college has on its rolls doctoral students in all specializations of Home Science.

The college has prestigious program:

(i)     RajKumariAmritKaurChildStudyCenter- Houses play school, Crèche, Early intervention center in disabilities and daycare.

College Infrastructure

Over the last three years, the physical infrastructure of the college building designed by the famous architect, Walter George, has been refreshed to return to the traditional appearance along with modern facilities. The Delhi Government now recognizes the college building among the several heritage sites in Delhi, and has supported its repair and restoration.  Some of the structures such as UG Hostel, College Main Block, Hannah Sen Cottage, Lady Willingdon Cottage and Director’s Bungalow are more than 75 years old.

The College has highly qualified teaching faculty, many of whom have received national and international recognition for their teaching, research and publications. The teachers also serve as consultants and resource persons for important governmental and voluntary agencies, as well as for universities all over the country and abroad. Teachers are also invited to lead research project in their areas of specialization for institutions like UGC, Government department, National and International agencies.

The college has well equipped laboratories and classrooms and library with about 45,000 books and periodicals. On its campus the college has programmes for the care and education of young children as well as children with disability. These programmes also function as laboratory pre-school and childcare centres and are an adjunct of the department of Human Development and Childhood Studies.

Perhaps the most accurate marker of the success of an academic institution is its alumnae. Graduates of Lady Irwin College occupy top executive positions in national organizations such as the Planning Commission and in international organizations like World Bank, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNDP. Many are deans of college, eminent teachers and principals of schools. Center for Post Graduate Studies was inaugurated on 24th July 2014 and Student Center, Department of Education on 24th August 2015 from OBC Infrastructure grant.

The College is ideally situated in the cultural hub of Delhi. Art galleries, museums, exhibition grounds, theatre, music and dance facilities are accessible within a radius of a kilometre. It is well connected by Delhi Metro.


1932: Establishment of the college with 11 students under the directorship of Mrs.    

          Hannah Sen offering one year Certificate Course in Home Science.

1933: Establishment of hostel with 60 students.

1936: Two year Diploma in Domestic Science, one year Diploma in Teaching and a Certificate in Needlework offered.

1938: The College moved to the current premises

1950: The College became affiliated to the University of Delhi. B.Sc. in Home Science offered

1952: One year programme of Bachelor in Education introduced: Exchange programme initiated with Sarah Lawrence and Briarchliff CollegeU.S.

1953: Science Block built.

1955: Nursery School inaugurated by Rajkumari Amrit Kaur: Exchange programme instituted with the University of Tennessee in the U.S. for faculty.

1958: Masters degree in Foods and Nutrition introduced.

1959: Food & Nutrition Block built.

1960: Library shifted to the new building.

1964: Masters Degree in Rural Community Extension introduced.

1969: B.Sc. Home Science Honours degree introduced. LadyIrwinCollege Society (Regd.) established.

1970: Master’s degree in Child Development introduced.

1972: Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition introduced: Masters programme in Rural Community Extension restructured as Community Resource Management and Extension.

1981: Inception of inclusive education at the nursery school.

1982: Golden Jubilee of the college.

1983: Silver Jubilee of the Food and Nutrition Department

1985: University Grants Commission (UGC) sponsored the establishment of a Communication and Extension Cell under the Dept. Research Support (DRS) Scheme.

1987: Master’s degree in Textiles and Clothing introduced.

1988: The Enabling Centre for children with special needs set up.

1990: Communication and Extension Cell upgraded by UGC as Department for Special Assistance (DSA)

1992: Diamond Jubilee of the Child Development Department

1997: Computerization of the Library.

1998: Silver Jubilee of the Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition (DDPHN)

2000: Celebrating the Millennium Woman: Literary and Fine Arts Fair.

2002: Golden Jubilee of the Education Department.

        :  State-of-art Saroja Nutrition Studio inaugurated

2003: College got ERNET connectivity through DU, RFID loop.

2004: Inauguration of Communication Laboratory: Initiation of Network link with University of Delhi

        : Inauguration of fully automated library.

        : The Babar Road, Main Gate and Delhi Metro Mandi House Station.

2005: Golden Jubilee of the Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Child Study Centre.

        : Herbal life Award.

2006 : Platinum Jubilee Year Nov. 2006-2007.

         : Renovation and Restoration of UG Hostel (Govt. of NCR grant).

         : Delhi Metro linkage to College.

2007: Introduced B.Ed. Special Education (MR).

        : Initiated revised M.Sc. Programme (Annual mode)

-          M.Sc. Food & Nutrition

-          M.Sc. Human Development and Childhood Studies.

-          M.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science

-          M.Sc. Resource Management & Design Application

-          M.Sc. Development Communication & Extension

-          Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition

        : Platinum Jubilee International Conference, Epigenesis: Empowerment for Excellence in Home Science.

        : Lady Irwin College was identified as “Center for Advanced Studies” by UGC.

2008 : Golden Jubilee of Department of Food & Nutrition.

        : National Environment Awareness Award from Khadi and Village Industries and Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment.

2009:  Infrastructure Expansion in College (DU infrastructure grant).

           Renovation and Up-gradation of College Library (DU infrastructure grant).

           Renovation and Up-gradation of PG Hostel (UGC grant).

2010:  Silver Jubilee of Special Assistance Programme (SAP) supported by UGC.

        :  40 years of Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies.

2011: Wi-Fi Connectivity in the College (DU).

          Semester system implemented in B.Sc. M.Sc. and DDPHN.

2012: College completes 80 years.

          Silver Jubilee of Department of Fabric and Apparel Science.

2013: Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) initiated in July 2013.

2014: First Prize from Delhi University at Antardhvani “Good Teaching Practices” Feb. 2014.

        : Intuitional Award on Multidisciplinary Healthcare, AIIMS, January 2014.

        : Golden Jubilee Celebration of DCE and RMDA Department.

        : Center for Post Graduate Studies (New Building).

        : Nina Sibal Award

2015: Award to Five Innovative Projects.

        : Choice Based Credit Systems (CBCS) initiated in July.

        : Two Years B.Ed. and Two Years B.Ed. Special Education (MR).

        : Student Center (New Building), Department of Education.

        : Best College Award for International Education and Leadership Summit Award.

2016: Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Award (Bangkok) to Department of Education for best 

          College in Asia. 

2017: India Today, 6th Best College in India.

Dr. Anupa Siddhu (Principal)

College Address:  Lady Irwin College,
Sikandra Road,
New Delhi-110001.

 Phone Nos. Tel: 23323257 Ext. No.- 113, 118
23711222 (Telefax)
 Fax No. 23711222


 Principal Phone Nos.  (O)



011-23737446 Ext. no. 111


Prof. R. Geeta

Chairperson, Governing Body

Lady Irwin College, Sikandra Road, New Delhi-110001.

University of Delhi

Undergraduate Courses

B.Sc. (Hons.)
 Home Science with specialization in Food and Nutrition (F&N), Human Development and Childhood Studies (HDCS), Fabric and Apparel Science (FAS), Development Communication & Extension (DCE) Resource Management and Design Application (RMDA).

B.Sc. (Pass) Home Science
- Three year degree course 

B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology
 - Three year degree course 

– Two years degree course.

B. Ed. (Special Education) Mental Retardation (MR)
two years degree course


M.Sc. Home Science-Two year degree course in the following:

    5 areas of specializations

   (i)   Food and Nutrition
   (ii)  Human Development and Childhood Studies
   (iii) Development Communication & Extension
   (iv) Resource Management & Design Application
   (v)  Fabric and Apparel Science 



All five specializations of Home Science.

Diploma Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition-one year course
Three year degree 

Dr. Sushma Goel

Lady Irwin College

University of Delhi

Sikandra Road, New Delhi-110001

011-23711222 (Telefax)

Mr. Balram Gupta       (Section Officer) Administration Dept.

23323257 Ext. no. 118

Mr. Vijay Ram (Administrative Officer)  23323257 Ext. no. 134

Mr. S.P. Singh (Section Officer)

 Accounts Dept.   011-23323257 Ext. no. 114