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Illustrated book on Innovations Projects from Jesus and Mary College

Crossing Boundaries, Erasing Margins: Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Innovation Projects 2012-2013 

Jesus & Mary College, University of Delhi

In a wide-ranging effort to enable students to combine field work with research, Delhi University’s interdisciplinary innovation projects, have been the first of its kind in the history of the University.  For the first time, students were encouraged both through generous funding from the University, and structural support provided by the college, to conduct research outside of the classroom. For many students this experience has enriched their lives in more ways than one. Combining open-ended personal interviews and observation along with analysis of quantitative data, the students explored various aspects of Indian society. The seven interdisciplinary projects were entitled, Delhi: The City as Text, Zafar Mahal: A Historical Perspective, Solid Waste Management, Money, Economics and Vendors: The Social Mosaic, Narratives of the Poor, Beyond Relocation: Experiences from the Urban Fringes and  NGOs and the Development of Resilience: A Study of Marginalized Urban Girls in Delhi.

The Coffee Table Book provides an overview of the findings for wider circulation to the public. The detailed reports of the projects can be accessed at the Delhi University site for Innovation projects Jesus & Mary College 2012-2013. These projects by students, guided by the mentors and faculty coordinators, will take you on an enriching journey to hitherto unexplored areas of Delhi and the NCR. The Appendix at the end of the book gives insights into the experiences of the students while working on the projects, the methodology they used, what they learnt from their field work, and the team spirit that they developed.