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Revised Syllabi (with effect from Academic Session 2019-20)

The Department was founded in 1922 and has currently 32 faculty members all of them actively involved in research and teaching. Members of the faculty are renowned as thinkers and contributors to the discipline of History and as specialists in their respective domains of research. This is evident in the large number of invitations received to give key note addresses in conferences, participate in international and national conferences and workshops. History Department faculty members are on the editorial board of some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals in the discipline. The History Department runs one of the most rigorous and prestigious MPhil programmes in the world. Out of the approximate 25 candidates enrolled annually about three-five regularly secure full fellowships in top ranked international Universities for their PhDs. We have an MA programme with a very large selection of courses and a newly revised undergraduate programme of instruction.

Draft of Revised Under graduate syllabus-2019

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» B.A. (Hons.) History
» B.A. (Prog.) History

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