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Guidelines on Consultancy

Guidelines followed for Consultancy work by the academic staff of the Central Universities

Guidelines for Professional Consultancy

Preamble: In order to ensure effective teaching in the technological Institutions, there is a need for interaction with the industry and other Institutions of higher learning in the form of:

  • Industrial Consultancy
  • Sponsored Research
  • Transfer of know how in the shape of patent etc.
  • Inter-Institutional collaboration in selected research areas of mutual interest.

Consultancy services may be categorized as under:

  • Individual Consultancy
  • Consultancy that does not involve the use of any Institutional facilities.
  • Institutional/Departmental Consultancy
  • It involves the use of University facilities such as equipment, instrument, computer, Laboratory Staff and administrative persons etc.

Organizational set-up:

The Syndicate of a University may set up a small unit headed by a senior Professor (name as Dean Consultancy or Director Consultancy or any other designation) who will co-ordinate and guide the consultation activities of the University and to take suitable administrative actions to control such activities as per rules framed by the University in this regard. He may exercise such authority as may be vested by him by the Vice-Chancellor.

Payment for consultancy and permissible limits

  • All consultancy assignment by faculty members should be undertaken with prior concurrence of head of the department and permission of dean consultancy.
  • A faculty member may be allowed to spend normally a maximum of 40 days a year for consultancy. In special cases Vice-Chancellor’s permission may be sought.
  • Examination, Lectures, Selection Committees and other professional work of faculty are not to be included in the consultancy.
  • All remuneration for consultancy should be received by a cheque/draft in favor of Registrar of the University, Individual Faculty Members should not receive any cash directly.
  • A Faculty Member of a Group will receive 75% of total consultancy fees (item vii (F.) of para II) paid by the client and the balance of the 25% of such amount shall be remitted to the University development fund.
  • Remuneration paid to an individual faculty member for consultancy as his share in one academic year should not exceed his total salary for the year. Any amount in excess of this prescribed limit due to a faculty member will be remitted to the University development fund.
  • Quarterly statements of consultancy services rendered by each faculty shall be forwarded by the Dean, consultancy for information and record of the Vice-Chancellor. This statement will also show the total of fees received by individuals up to date in the academic year.