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Department of English

The Department of English has the same year of inception as the University of Delhi, 1922. The Department offers degrees at MA, MPhil and PhD levels and oversees undergraduate teaching at the 79 Colleges which are affiliated to the University. From 1970 the Department began functioning from two campuses: the main Campus at the Arts Faculty, North Delhi. Students also enroll at the Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board for the MA degree. We provide intensive mentoring to our students both in and beyond the classroom in a wide variety of forums. Ongoing lectures, film screenings, symposia, conferences, and colloquia on interdisciplinary themes make up our calendar. 

Programmes: MA, MPhil, PhD



Centre for Academic Translation and Archiving

Centre for Studies in Violence, Memory, and Trauma (CSVMT)

Center for Dalit Studies

List of PhD students on rolls

List​ of PhD degrees awarded since the year 2000 to till date


: Prof. Christel Rashmi Devadawson




Department of English

University of Delhi




M.Phil. Course Description (August-December 2016)

Category I : Direct Admission i.e. without Entrance Test

Category II : Admission Through Entrance Test 
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