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Computer Centre

The Delhi University Computer Centre (DUCC) is the central hub for ICT related services for the faculty members, staff and students of University of Delhi. The services provided by DUCC are:

  1. Training and Development (TnD)
    1. Training programs for faculty, staff, research scholars and PG students
    2. Software Development internships for students
    3. DU Website Development and maintenance
    4. Helping Departments and Administrative branches in developing their websites
    5. Web based applications development
  2. Network Services
    1. Designing, Expansion and maintenance of campus wide network
    2. Website hosting for DU along with its Colleges and departments
    3. University Email server maintenance and hosting
    4. Hosting of servers running mission critical applications
    5. Colocation server hosting for academic and administrative purposes

For more information visit Computer Centre website.

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