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Books/ Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2010. Status of Child Labour in India: An Empirical Study of Child Labour in Delhi. Germany: LAP-Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co.KG.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand, Rashmi Agrawal and Rakesh Shahani, eds. 2005. Indian Economic Development and Business: Emerging issues and Outlook. New Delhi: New Century.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand and Vijay K Seth. 2004. The Economics of Labour Markets: Policy Regime Changes and the Process of Labour Adjustment in the Organised Industry in India. New Delhi: Ane Books.

Recent Research papers published in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2008. Child Labour in India: Magnitude, Trends and Distribution, Evidence from the 55th and 61st NSSO rounds. International Journal of Employment Studies. 16(2): 1-30.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2007. Impact of Voluntary Retirement Scheme on Indian Public Sector Banks and its Existing Employees: An Empirical Analysis. International Journal of Employment Studies. 15(2): 27-60.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand and Bishwanath Goldar. 2005. Trade Liberalization and Price-cost Margin in Indian Industries. The Developing Economies. 43(3): 346-373.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand and Pushpam Kumar. 2003. The Environmental Kuznets Curve for Changing Land Use: Empirical Evidence from Major States of India. International Journal of Sustainable Development. 6(2): 231-245.

Recent Research papers published in Academic Journals other than Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand and Naveen Kumar. 2008. Level of Poverty and Employment Pattern in Slums: A case of Gwalior in Central India. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics. 51(2): 315-330.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2008. Wage Employment Relationship in Indian Public Sector Enterprises. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics. 49(4): 603-608.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2007. Wage Discrimination in Indian Manufacturing: A State Level Analysis. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics. 50(4): 991-998.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2007. An Empirical Investigation of Impact of Voluntary Retirement Scheme on Retirees and Indian Public Sector Banks. Artha Vijnana. 49(2): 121-140.

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2004. Labour Quality in Indian Manufacturing: A State Level Analysis. Economic and Political Weekly. 39(50): 11-17.

Research Papers Published in Conferences/Seminar other than Refereed/Peer Reviewd Conferences

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2010. Millennium Development Goals: Progress and Challenges. In proceedings two day National Seminar, February 4-5, 2010, ILLL North Campus, University of Delhi. (organized by Shyam Lal College, Delhi University).

Aggarwal, Suresh Chand. 2008. Profile of Women Workers in India. In proceedings Golden Jubilee conference of Indian Society of Labour Economics, December 12-15, 2008, Lucknow. (published as a summery).


Books/ Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Rashmi Agrawal, Suresh Aggrawal,Rakesh Shahani. 2012. Indian Economic Development and Business. New century Publication.

Prasad,Lallan and Rashmi Agrawal. 2012. Economics of Environment and Natural Resource Management. CPDHE, Univ. of Delhi.

Aggrawal,Rashmi. 2005. People Technology and Outsourcing. Indian Econ. Development and Business ( Ed Book PP 196-212) Publisher : New Century Publications, New Delhi.

Recent Research papers published in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Mehra, Yogieta. 2011. “Operational Risk Management: A Survey of Systems, Strategies and Preparedness of Indian Banks”. Indian Journal of finance. 5(5): 32-42.

Gupta, P K, Yogieta Mehra. 2008. Scorecard Approach to Operational Risk Management of India Banks Post Basel II. Journal of Business and Finance. I(2): 39-55. Gupta P.K, Yogieta

Mehra. 2008. Operational Risk Management by Indian Banks : Post Basel II Implementation and Modeling Issues. Emerging Trends in the Banking Sector : McMillan Advanced Research Series, Delhi.

Rakesh Shahani. 2005. Foreign Investment in India : Issues and Implications for Globalisation. Globalisation and World Economic Policies. II: 644-658, Serial Publ.


Recent Research papers published in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Dastidar,Ananya. 2012. Structural Change and Income Distribution in Developing Economies : Evidence from a Group of Asian and Latin American Countries. Seoul Journal of Economics. 25(1): 25-56.

Dastidar,Ananya. 2006. International Trade and Personal Income Distributions in Developing Countries : Some Issues and Problems. Arthaniti. 5(1-2): 64-80.


Books/ Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Anne Scheinberg, Michael Simpson et. al. 2010. Economic Aspects of the Informal Sector in Solid Waste Management. Germany: GTZ and CWG, Eschborn.

Recent Research papers published in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Geoghegan,Jackie . 2006. Pollution in a Spatial Model: Is Zoning a Policy Response?. International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics.

Department of Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies


Books/ Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Vij, S K. 2011. Hindi Bulgarian Conversation Guide – Centeral Hindi Directorate.

Vij, S K. 2003. Swadesh – Sanghrash Ki Croation Kavitain. New Delhi: Satya Prakashan.


Books/ Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Neelakshi Suryanarayan (co-editor). 2011. Resonance (deptt.journal). SFUS.

Joshi,Rashmi. 2007. Panchtantra (Selected Stories ). Gera Art.

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