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IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Undergraduate Courses based on Merit for the year 2016-17


Undergraduate Courses based on Merit for the year 2016-17

The University of Delhi welcomes an overwhelming response of the applicants, who have applied for the Undergraduate Courses based on Merit for the year 2016-17 through its online registration process. The applicants are advised to check the following information:

  1. The detail “Schedule of the Admission Process” is given on the University Website [Last date for online registration process is 5:00 P.M. of the 22nd June 2016]:

  2. The relevant information related with Sports trials is also available on the University Website:

    This is to inform all the candidates who have applied under Sports / ECA categories in St. Stephens’ College, Jesus & Mary and also University of Delhi that they are required to appear only in a single trial at whichever place it takes place on first possible date.

  3. The information regarding ECA trials will be available on the University Website on 1st July 2016.
  4. Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the steps involved for the Admission Process, as given in Section 2.2 on Page 9 of the Bulletin of Information.

A brief overview of the Admission Process is given below [Check the details given in the Bulletin of Information, and also check the detail Schedule of the Admission Process for important dates]. 

  1. The applicants must check the University website and respective college website for cut-offs for different courses. 
  2. The applicants who meet the requisite cut-off should login to the UG Admission Portal using their registered email id and password and select the college/course where they wish to take admission and meet the desired cut-off criterion. 
  3. The applicant shall take the print out of the Admission Form and together with the list of documents provided in Section 8 on Page 25 of the Bulletin of Information, proceed to the respective college for verification of mark-sheet, calculation of cut-off percentage depending on the course and verification of other documents. 
  4. The college will retain the certificates of approved candidate in order to avoid multiple admissions. The certificates will remain with the colleges during the admission process.
  5. After this, the college will approve the admission on the UG Admission Portal. The applicant will then be required to login to the UG Admission Portal to make the online Admission Fee payment through one of the available online payment options.
  6. The approved applicant is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline (given in the detail Schedule of the Admission Process).

    ADVISORY: The applicants should not wait for the last day for online Admission Fee payment, to avoid any hassle.

  7. The colleges shall promptly return the documents in case student withdraws/cancels the admission or student wishes to appear in counselling of any other university/ institute.
  8. It may be noted that the admission of an applicant in a college is completed only after the payment of the Online Admission Fee on the UG Admission Portal within the prescribed time-limit.