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Law Centre-II, University of Delhi organized a special lecture as a part of its lecture series-Samvad 2019

Sep 20, 2019

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Law Centre-II, University of Delhi organized a special lecture as a part of its lecture series-Samvad 2019. The lecture was delivered by His Excellency Shri Michael Ashwin Satyendra Adhin, Vice-President of Suriname on Vedic Science, Law and Society on 19.9.2019 at Vice-Regal Lodge, University of Delhi. Prof. Yogesh K. Tyagi, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi welcomed His Excellency Shri Ashwin Adhin, Vice President of Suriname. The event was attended by a delegation from Suriname, academicians and students from different parts of the country.

Prof. V.K. Ahuja, Professor In-charge, Law Centre-II stated in his introductory speech that law has its base in Vedic Science. He emphasized on the fact that law has been deduced from Vedic Science and adapted to fit in the modern legal systems. He also explained how Vedic Science still continues to influence modern law making. Prof. Ahuja also stated that Vedic science is still applicable to our day to day life despite protagonists of modern science disputing the applicability of Vedic Science and trying to diminish its importance and discard it. He further stated that Vedic Science and modern science are not conflicting but are in fact complementary in nature.

His Excellency addressed the gathering by first giving an introduction about his country. He mentioned the struggles of designing a model of peaceful coexistence in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi- religious country. Indentured labourers from various countries were brought to Suriname and the only possession they had was their culture. 30% of the population of Suriname are a diaspora of Bharat Bhoomi and refer to themselves as Hindustanis. He mentioned that he had been interacting with Vedic scriptures since he was eight years old and how that has influenced his worldview. He called the Vedic Scriptures a sea of knowledge and how he uses this knowledge in policy making and nation building. He emphasized on the applicability of Vedic Knowledge to everyday life as it is eternal and timeless. He also informed the audience that Holi, Deepawali, and Eid have been declared as national holidays in Suriname.

His Excellency also referred to the works of Swami Vivekananda in building a national spirit and a sense of service amongst its citizens. To sustain a spiritual will of a nation, he drew from the concepts of Dharma.

The program was followed by a cultural program conducted by students from Law Centre-II, University of Delhi. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to His Excellency Shri Adhin and his delegation from Suriname.

University of Delhi

20th September, 2019


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