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Celebration of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Jayanti

Apr 14, 2019

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Press Release

The University of Delhi, on the occasion of 128th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R.  Ambedkar organized a programme on “Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Mission & Vision for Prabuddha Bharat” on 14th April, 2019 in the Convention Hall, Viceregal Lodge, University of Delhi. 

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dipak Misra, Former Chief Justice of India, was the Chief Guest.  Dr. Sanjay Paswan, Former HRD Minister (State), Govt. of India, and Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, President, South Asian University, were the Guest of Honour. 

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dipak Misra’s prescient remarks on Mission and Vision of Babasaheb for a Prabuddha Bharat were enlightening.  He said that Humanity and Humanism were the inner spirit of Babasaheb and also emphasized the role of social equality alongside political equality not as enshrined formally in the Constitution but as what ‘we’ all internalize Equality, Liberty, and Justice.  He reiterated that untouchability is a cancerous disease and highlighted Babasaheb’s understanding of brotherhood and fraternity, and dignity of individuals, including gender equality.

Dr Sanjay Paswan emphasized that Dr. Ambedkar was a nation builder and an agent of social change. He talked about the first letter of Dr. Ambedkar’s name ‘A’ which stands for Aggression, Assertion, Articulation and Argumentation and asked to where we stand on any of these four words. Victimhood to Victoryhood has to be the motto of journey with daring, caring and sharing.  

Dr Kavita Sharma highlighted the discrimination based on caste faced by Babasaheb in India, his home country and the fresh air of casteless society in the USA and also highlighted how Babasaheb overcame all the social discriminations he had to face inspite of all his education, achievements and hard work.

Prof. Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor, presided over the function.  Other senior officials of the University, members of the Executive Council and Academic Council, faculty and students along with several illustrious personalities having legal background and many senior government officials were present during the programme.

Invocation song, cultural presentations and National Anthem were performed by the students of the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts.




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