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Announcement of Research Grants of University of Delhi

Jun 15, 2017

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Announcement of Research Grants of University of Delhi


The University of Delhi is a research-intensive university that seeks to create and transmit knowledge and understanding through quality research for the benefit of the society, nation and the world. The University has an impressive research profile as is evidenced from the h-index of the University, which stands at 153, is one of the highest among Indian Universities.


The University encourages its faculty members and researchers to undertake advanced research by providing a conducive environment for excellence in research. Funding from University of Delhi has empowered the teachers desirous of continuous engagement in research and benefitted them immensely in their academic pursuits. This has created a vibrant atmosphere of research in the University.


To further foster an active research culture and support high quality research, the University has instituted research grants for its faculty members in Departments and College teachers:


  1. University Research Grant for faculty members of Departments/Centres.
  2. University Research Grant for College Teachers: Innovation Projects


The research work of faculty members has contributed significantly towards knowledge building in the core subject domains as well as in interdisciplinary areas. Many faculty members have also received worldwide acclaim for their high quality research publications, patents, collaborations and the successful integration of acquired knowledge into practice.


Innovation Projects have inculcated a research culture in colleges and encouraged the involvement of teachers and students in research initiatives. This has promoted a research environment where teachers and students move beyond subject boundaries to solve real challenges of the real world. Making a sizeable impact, the University has funded 679 projects worth Rupees 36.39 crores in the past three years with outcomes including 288 peer-reviewed research publications, twenty-four books and 375 conference presentations.


Online applications in specified format on the University website are invited in three categories. In Category I, a single faculty member can apply for a subject-specific research proposal for an amount up to Rupees four lakhs. In Category II, two faculty members of a Department can jointly apply for a subject-specific research proposal for an amount up to Rupees five lakhs. For Category III, two to three faculty members from different Departments can apply for an interdisciplinary research proposal for an amount up to Rupees six lakhs. Innovation Projects for college teachers have similar categories that also include undergraduate students and a Mentor, preferably from a University Department.


The online application proposal seeks that the project investigators make arrangements for safe and secure disposal of waste generated from components of the research project and obtain necessary ethical clearances to carry out the project, if sanctioned.


The University is ensuring that the entire process of application, screening, obtaining progress report and subsequently final report submission is online.


The last date for sending online applications is 20 July 2017.




15th June, 2017


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